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Hey guys, what do you think my options are for this stitch? It's a pair of APC NS that I've owned for about 6 months now. About a month ago the left pocket stitching started coming undone. Is this easily fixed? Can any tailor take care of this? Thanks!
How do you tie your laces like that? Any demonstration or name for that type of knot?
I also got a hand written card. Couldn't barely read what it said, but it's a good gesture. I ordered the Crosby boots.
The seam on my left pocket started coming undone. It's still in one piece, not cut or anything, but not sewn through the denim for about .5 inch. Just hanging as a loop. What are my options to get this stitched back in but look clean?
Anyone know if Dayton is doing a black friday sale?
blk40 didn't work for me on Brigade.
I'm ready for some BF deals.
Damn I need to hit the APC store in LA and check out these black PS and NS. I own NS indigo, but would like them a tad skinnier for black, hopefully PS isn't too bad.
Those are the charcoal nubuck or black? Those look amazing!
New Posts  All Forums: