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How does the fit compare to slim t-shirts from I crew. They have a high armhole and fairly sim sleeve, looking for something similar.
What's the new sizing? When did the sizing switch?
I have nothing to add, but I knew there would be a picture of Thom before entering this thread. I'm curious also.
Nice! I really need to pick up black APCs
Drop Drop!
Price drop.
These are the infamous Oakley Frogskins. They have a crystal clear frame with gold iridium lenses. Oakley only produced a limited quantity of these years ago for a short period of time. You cannot buy these in stores anymore. I'd rate the lens quality 8/10 due to the small scratches as I tried to show pictures in the last photos and the frame quality 9/10 due to a scuff on the right arm shown in the last picture. I've taken this into account for my pricing of these...
Heads up since I know a few of you are looking into Oliver Peoples eyewear. I'm selling OP O'malleys. Prescription lenses can also be put in. They're one of my favorite glasses from OP. http://www.styleforum.net/t/287217/oliver-peoples-omalley-tortoise
Hey guys, what do you think my options are for this stitch? It's a pair of APC NS that I've owned for about 6 months now. About a month ago the left pocket stitching started coming undone. Is this easily fixed? Can any tailor take care of this? Thanks!
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