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Wow, I'm surprised you tall guys can fit into this stuff. I guess I prefer my sleeves and body length to be longer on stuff. I'm 6'2 180 lbs. I wear a 16.5 collar and 34/35 arms. I can't fit into anything less than a Large at J.Crew. I recently picked up some crew neck pocket tees (2 large-tall and one large) The large talls fit pretty good, the regular large is just about perfect, barely cutting it on the length. The Henleys I needed to size up to the XL because the...
There's no way. I can barely fit into a Large at 6'2 180.
I hate flannels. I would much rather wear Oxford or something similar. I guess I enjoy the summer months the best.
Quote: Originally Posted by samblackbones New camera out on the range at dusk. . . . What shoes are those Sam? Looks like a mix between boat shoe and chukka. I've seen them around, just not sure who makes a shoe like that. Thanks.
Absolutely go for a suit for an interview.
Quote: Originally Posted by samblackbones *sumotech* not sumo wax I dont think they make sumo wax, my bad No, you're right. They make a sumowax and sumotech. I've only used the Styling Wax and Sumotech. I love sumotech, wondering how sumowax compares though.
I tell them to keep the top the same length, just trim it a bit, but thin the shit out of it. Then fade the sides all around. Nice and clean. I use B&B Sumotech, how does the sumo wax compare?
Having the girlfriend living in with you guys sounds much worse than his cleanliness problems, that's not going to work out. If he continues just ask him to either clean the dishes more often or stop using your stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc I suppose you could also keep cedar trees in them... My dress shoes always smell great Thanks for the tips, I think I'll pick up some new pairs, and try the powder, gym balls, and it sounds like cedar trees are the way to go when not in use. Any place where I can get a good deal on them? Thanks guys.
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