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What are you guys doing to keep the collar up? Is there any material I could have sewn inside to better keep it up?
Damn I need to start thrifting, there are some good finds in this thread. I could use a few suits and shoes.
Is there a suit thread or something similar on the boards. I have three suits right now, most hand me downs, only one of them is tailored. YSL, Perry Ellis, and a cheap 3 button suit. I'm looking to get another suit around the holidays, but not sure where to start. I could go to Nordstrom and Macy's and take a look, but it seems like they carry mainly basic cookie cutter brands. Where else should I be looking for a good wool suit, so many options.
e92 M3 is cleannnnn. How do you like it?
I own the Varvatos so you may see my answer as biased, but I think they look much better. They are also one of the most comfortable chukka boots I've owned.
I'm wondering the same. Also, are you guys doing measurements or sending in a great fitting shirt. I haven't really come up on a great fitting shirt, so I'm thinking about doing the measurements. Would you recommend having a tailor do them, or would having a friend do it be fine.
God damnit Spoo, you are always on point.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vitaly Thanks!) Shoes Loake 1880 Fairford grain Great tie! Today Excellent! Which trench/raincoat is this?
Might come check this out.
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