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Nice looking jacket.
Some good looking trenches. I'm thinking about going for the J.crew Halborn trennch. We going off-topic.
bump for fellow bmw enthusiast.
Damn that green shirt and white pants fit is awesome. I need to pick up those white jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by skunkworks Looks like an S2A trench. I have an unlined cotton one in small I've been stuck with forever -- looks like that one. I've got so much crap I need to purge. Thanks, I was hoping to get the exact name if it had one though. I found a few S2A trenches but they all have a different lapel/collar setup and look to be a different material. The one picture looked to has the collar connected to the lapels(I guess...
Quote: Originally Posted by raulishere raining in socal surface 2 air robert geller theory moma What jacket?
Alfani Levis 510 Black Navy Sperry Topsiders
How's the fit and quality on the halborn trench? I'm thinking about possibly picking that up for the winter, haven't found it in store though.
Wow, I'm surprised you tall guys can fit into this stuff. I guess I prefer my sleeves and body length to be longer on stuff. I'm 6'2 180 lbs. I wear a 16.5 collar and 34/35 arms. I can't fit into anything less than a Large at J.Crew. I recently picked up some crew neck pocket tees (2 large-tall and one large) The large talls fit pretty good, the regular large is just about perfect, barely cutting it on the length. The Henleys I needed to size up to the XL because the...
There's no way. I can barely fit into a Large at 6'2 180.
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