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PM sent.
What type of thrift stores do you guys hit, not Salvation Army type store or anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Necro thread... Just noticed the OP date.
Link no worky.
Any luck?
From Googling around I found that they are possibly Cole Haan sunglasses, not sure which model though.
Needs more collab.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrpress Mine just stays up. Hmm. Mine used to, but after a year it tends to go down very quick. (Insert erectile dysfunction joke)
Cheeseballs wear replicas. Replica ≠ Hommage. I'm wearing a Panerai homage watch by some company that uses their own parts and pulls from a design. I could see where you guys are coming from, as I prefer to own 'the real deal' for many other hobbies. But I like the watch because it's a good looking piece and keeps time fine. I'm not going to spend $15k+ on a Panerai, would much rather spend that on my other vices. Different for everyone.
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