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Can any of the Uniqlo regulars confirm this is the uniqlo DB trench/rain coat? I have none around my area, and the ones I've found on uniqlo site don't look similar. I'd like to make a phone order, not sure of the name or if this is it for sure though. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Rhett.gay.edu.gov.jp Nice looking setup, what kind of cars do you like?(I see the wakaba badge lolz) JDMMMMMMMMMM
Can anyone ID this trench? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Stephan R. Pics of bike
I did a search and found only one weak thread on this. I'm thinking about doing a redesign of my closet in the next year or so, figured I might as well see what everyone's looks like. I know I know, starting a thread without pictures, but I won't be home for a week.
PM sent.
What type of thrift stores do you guys hit, not Salvation Army type store or anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Necro thread... Just noticed the OP date.
Link no worky.
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