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When I used to purchase knock off shit I used a site called vogue wear or something similar. Just do a google search and you'll find a bunch of sites. Good luck finding Persol 649 knock offs though. Suck it up and pay for the real thing. You'll eyes will appreciate it much more in the long run and you'll enjoy better quality glasses and optical that don't break after a month.
Was in the area shopping and checked the the Levi's/OC store out today. Had no idea it was even there until I walked by. Store wasn't that impressive, they had some nice denim but I'm not in the market right now so I didn't really look.
Keep it clean and simple. Everything's been covered pretty well already. Get some nice fitted short t-shirts v-neck and crew. Oxfords are very nice for spring/summer with some rolled sleeves. Short sleeve button ups (I need to find some with a good fit). Tailored shorts, jcrew 7" inseam chino shorts are nice. Boat shoes, loafers, etc sockless. Sunglasses are a must.
I'm thinking about purchasing Oliver Peoples O'Malley vintage frames, now I must try on those Salt Nolan frames before I buy OP.
6'2 180lbs 23" thighs. I prefer Levi's 511, but I also can and do wear 511.
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty Warriors of Radness This. /thread.
Anyone know the leather jacket Kanye is wearing?
Anyone know who makes this jacket? Thanks!
I just want 7" inseam shorts all day long.
This is not research or an experiment, all he did was test the bacteria level on his jeans...
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