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This is not research or an experiment, all he did was test the bacteria level on his jeans...
Thanks! Yea, fixed gear. Recently had the fork, stem, bars, seatpost, and saddle stolen so I just built it up today with some cheaper parts and went for drop bars for a change.
Hadn't seen this thread til' now. Checking in.
Are the sweat really worth 150?
Quote: Originally Posted by afc345 Going out to kop frozen pizzas. Very nice! Details on boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift me want shirt please +1
Is anyone able to ID these two pairs of boots? More so the ones on the right. Thanks!
I'll have to check the LA store out sometime.
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Don't worry--the hipster 'stache was a joke. Excellent fit, details on boots?
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