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That guy needs to do some physical activities.
Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?
Ah BoO made for $10 and sold for 300
Quote: Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg Their website is totally useless. Any advice with those guys? It looks like they recently updated their website to even worse than their previous one. The website used to be an ugly wall of text, but it was way more helpful than their current, and listed all the cuts, pictures, colors, and other options you could order. I would give them a call or shoot them an email with your requests and see what...
I'm also on the west coast. Although I wouldn't say the style is exactly baggy, but the swimwear around here is pretty bad. Check our Lightning Bolt. They're a surf company that started in Hawaii back in the 70s or so and much of their current products pull from that era. I have a pair of boardies by them with a button snap enclosure and probably a 5-6" inseam; they have several styles though. There's also Birdwell Beach Britches. They were really big 40 years ago and...
10 best leather jackets according to gq http://www.gq.com/style/wear-it-now/...rcycle-jackets
Quote: Originally Posted by King Leer Those shirts are nice, but getting them elsewhere is cheaper IMO Where can these or similar be had for cheaper?
When I used to purchase knock off shit I used a site called vogue wear or something similar. Just do a google search and you'll find a bunch of sites. Good luck finding Persol 649 knock offs though. Suck it up and pay for the real thing. You'll eyes will appreciate it much more in the long run and you'll enjoy better quality glasses and optical that don't break after a month.
Was in the area shopping and checked the the Levi's/OC store out today. Had no idea it was even there until I walked by. Store wasn't that impressive, they had some nice denim but I'm not in the market right now so I didn't really look.
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