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Thanks! Yea, fixed gear. Recently had the fork, stem, bars, seatpost, and saddle stolen so I just built it up today with some cheaper parts and went for drop bars for a change.
Hadn't seen this thread til' now. Checking in.
Are the sweat really worth 150?
Quote: Originally Posted by afc345 Going out to kop frozen pizzas. Very nice! Details on boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift me want shirt please +1
Is anyone able to ID these two pairs of boots? More so the ones on the right. Thanks!
I'll have to check the LA store out sometime.
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Don't worry--the hipster 'stache was a joke. Excellent fit, details on boots?
Are there any cuts similar to that of Levi 511 (Skinny). I feel like most of the APCs I see and the one pair I have tried on are extremely skinny like Levis 510 super skinny.
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