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Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift me want shirt please +1
Is anyone able to ID these two pairs of boots? More so the ones on the right. Thanks!
I'll have to check the LA store out sometime.
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 Don't worry--the hipster 'stache was a joke. Excellent fit, details on boots?
Are there any cuts similar to that of Levi 511 (Skinny). I feel like most of the APCs I see and the one pair I have tried on are extremely skinny like Levis 510 super skinny.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus sad to say I did not find any wild labelkings on top of my roof Clean all the way down. Details on boots aeglus?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Going out for NYE, happy new year SF Great fit!! What boots are those?
I'm really liking what they are putting out. The only downside is I can't find any leather desert boots or Holdsworth shoes from them ANYWHERE!
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Wilkes Bashford, Cable Car Clothiers, Jeremy's Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist Are you looking for classic men's clothes, or more SW&D type of stuff? For classics, I agree with Biggskip, and would suggest you check out The Hound on Sutter, maybe Brooks (esp. for shoes), Ralph Lauren, Hickey Freeman. Alden for shoes. Allen Edmonds if you like them. If you like hats, ...
If you were going to San Francisco for 3 days, what notable shops would be on your list to hit?
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