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Quote: Originally Posted by drøn i am looking for a pair of sunglasses with the following features. plastic frame rounded shape keyhole bridge light tortoise with high contrast (i've seen it called tokyo tortoise) green lenses i am looking at moscot lemtosh and han timeless. blonde and amber or army. i prefer the shape and chunkyness of lemtosh but the frame color of han is quite spot on. han lenses seem to be grey or brown and the sidebars...
Bump for boots.
Not sure if anyone is with me, but this small collar trend is absolutely horrible. They look like shit. I'm beginning to see so many shirts with smaller and smaller collars, and I instantly pass over those unfortunately. I love the larger collars and especially collars with a roll.
Quote: Originally Posted by CityConnection What brand is that? I like the color combination. Quote: Originally Posted by drmmr Oliver Peoples. It's right there on the lens. Yep. Oliver Peoples Riley R in storm colorway. Just need to put Rx lenses in now.
That guy needs to do some physical activities.
Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?
Ah BoO made for $10 and sold for 300
Quote: Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg Their website is totally useless. Any advice with those guys? It looks like they recently updated their website to even worse than their previous one. The website used to be an ugly wall of text, but it was way more helpful than their current, and listed all the cuts, pictures, colors, and other options you could order. I would give them a call or shoot them an email with your requests and see what...
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