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Quote: Originally Posted by deez nuts anyone interested in the j.crew x saturdays surf nyc button-up, size small? took off the tags but still new, a bit to small for me. retail was $95 i believe, shoot me an offer. I'm actually looking to purchase this shirt. I would buy off you, but I'm a large. How was the fit though? Does it fit similar to jcrews slim fit button ups?
Can anyone ID this denim? Thanks!
Broken in chino 7" inseam
Converse all star hi top all white, classic summer.
http://www.goincase.com/products/det...p-case-cl59593 done.
Oliver Peoples.
Jcrew 7" is where it's at. Has anyone tried the new Saturdays shorts, I'm thinking about buying a pair.
Anyone recognize these boots?
Yea, that look really good! I'm not too keen on the large neck opening and wide sleeves. I'll have to try it on, I love the look of those shirts though.
More pics less talking.
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