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Thinking about picking up some all white hi tops for summer. Classic canvas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid What is people's take on Zara I really like their designs, but the quality is shit. I wonder who they shark I own a duffle/toggle coat from Zara and it's held up nicely and It's an awesome coat. Other than that, I'm not sure, but I haven't heard good things. Not a big fan of a lot they produce anyways.
There was a recent thread on this, but it quickly turned to skin tight speedo shorts. Check out Birdwell and Lightning Bolt.
Was waiting for one of these threads. I'm thinking about purchasing a zip up hoodie, and possibly their chinos (pants and shorts). I own a few basic shirts with Saturdays screenpring on them. They've held up alright but for $35, not sure I would buy them again. I'm looking to buy possibly the striped shirt as well, but not sure how it's going to hold up and spending around $90 on it. They are producing some excellent stuff though. Great to see some surfers having fun...
Quote: Originally Posted by thatoneguy kinda weird they would blur her face They blur childrens' faces in tabloids outside of the US. Not sure how I know that, but it can't be good. Anyone know what boots Tom Cruise is wearing though? Or something similar.
Wow, that is some next level shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jacob_G APC petit standard Thanks! Pioneer wash I'm assuming?
I would just wear shorts as much as you can, maybe pick up a pair of light weight chinos for pants if you need them. Make sure you have comfortable shoes for walking around all day.
Do those look like APC to anyone? Any idea which wash they are?
Quote: Originally Posted by filth can someone PLEASE ID these?? Those are hot. Forget my clubmasters, I want those.
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