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Where is best place to buy PBJ denim and should one size down 2 sizes like other raw denim?
Where did everyone buy from?
Quote: Originally Posted by MZAlbert Can anyone ID these boots? Thank you Also curious.
Oakley Frogskin Crystal Clear frames Gold Iridium Lenses - One of my favorite pairs of sunglasses. I actually own two of these, which is why I'm selling the second backup pair. They have never been worn and still have the tag on it, perfect condition 10/10. Includes box with all the sunglasses information and cards along with an Oakley soft microfiber carry case. Only 3000 of these were made and you cannot find them in store or online anymore. $230 shipped...
Those are Oliver Peoples Riley or Riley R. I own these in optical. If you'd like a similar frame check out the O'Malley frame as well, I just bought those as sunnies. They are very similar but have a different nose bridge and a rounder shape rather than oval as the Riley frame has:
Can anyone ID these boots? Thanks!
Every time I go into J Crew they have nothing in stock, #justsaying #angry
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