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Hi, I am selling an All Saints Bomber jacket. Size is Extra-large and measurements are below. Color is an Ox Blood / Maroon with "speckles" in the material. Measurements are as follows: Shoulder seam to arm: 27" Chest across: 21" Shoulder seam to Shoulder seam: 18.5" Shoulder seam to bottom: 25" Asking 230 shipped to the states. If outside of states will negotiate shipping with buyer. Let me know if you're interested and entertaining offers. Thank you.
I want to be a modern day ninja and wear Gyak everywhere.
Any fixes? Thinking about just sowing them up, maybe throwing them out when they get too bad. I've had shoes cost 1/4th as much and last way longer.
Has anyone had this happen to their common projects? I have two pairs and has only happened to one. These get more wear than my other ones, but still the material shouldn't be ripping like this.
Those are hot!!
Classic white is always a must. CP's in colors you don't see everyday on the streets, but also in a simple shoe makes them that much better and unique though.
Those look pretty cool up close
Hi, I'm selling these Dior Homme loafers. They are basically brand new as I have only worn them once for less than an hour. This includes the shoes, two dust bags, and the box. Please see pictures below. I forgot to take a picture of the bottom (will add one in the next few days) but the sole has those dots as you can see beginning in the back heel of the shoes. Let me know if you have any questions and submit any offers. Cheers!
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