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what will pricing be like for ToJ trousers/jeans?
what do think pricing will be for the trousers?
Awesome Seiko. I've been meaning to add a GS to my collection for some time now.
hey, no hard feelings. we're all entitled to our opinions. I love a good debate, though!
The railmaster and planet ocean have been around for a couple years, at the height of the trend. Panerai fans among watch connoisseurs are dwindling and the price hikes brought about by in-house movements are making them inaccessible to many potential customers. The only people buying huge Hublots are rappers and toolbags like Diego Maradona above. Rolex's bigger datejust is still smaller than your ideal, and is being made alongside the standard 36mm version. I agree that...
JV- small watches are not like fedoras. Fedoras went out of style fifty years ago. Watches only started getting big in the last decade or so, and we're already seeing the trend moving back towards moderately sized watches. Sorry to say, but it's a pretty good chance your oversized watches will look ridiculous to even yourself in just a few years. I buy my watches for their enduring style and the longevity of their designs, not their trendiness.
long live moderately sized watches! cheers.
how big are your wrists? I have six inch wrists and my 40mm Rolex is honestly as big as I think I could ever go: I also have a 26mm X 42mm rectangular watch that is the perfect size for me, in my opinion: This watch is 36mm, and another perfect fit if you ask me: I don't think you can claim any...
your height has nothing at all to do with how big of a watch you can wear. your wrist circumference does. A short man can have a very girthy wrist, and a tall man can have a very thin wrist.
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