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how much, if at all, do RB jeans stretch in the waist? just picked up a pair of rb16s in 30, and i heard RB ran slightly larger, but i find that its quite tight, compared to my other jeans...not unbearable, but if it doesnt stretch at all, it wont be comfortable, thats for sure.
just picked up a steven alan shirt from blackbird...i absolutely love it, esp since i got it for 20% off...but i just wanted to know if anyone has ever gotten one of these shirts shortened? because at 5'8, the shirt is extremely long, which is unfortunate cuz it fits perfect everywhere else. at first, i was thinkin this would be an easy procedure, as i've done it with other shirts, but i noticed the bottom of the shirt is not normal - longer back hem and it doesnt seem...
LA guy, do you own the HOTW hoody? i bought one in a medium and it proved to be too big for me so im wondering if you know what a small fits like (too big mostly in the length, a lil baggy)...im about 5'8, 150
has anyone ever applied a revolve discount code AFTER they already made the purchase? i tried callin up customer service and they told me they couldn't do it...but i feel like the person i talked to didn't know what they were talkin about because I've applied a different type of revolve discount before post-purchase and they were able to accomodate... anyone else ever do this? lots of other places seem to do it
anyone have experience with these? i've never tried on a pair of RBs, but i read in prior threads that the RB15 was pretty damn tight, and obviously the 16s are slimmer. But they don't seem that tight on pics I see online... anyone know how slim these are in comparison to KMW 1980s? PBJ xx-005s?
any thoughts on some of the goods/looks in the new CO-OP catalog? I'm wondering if all those things are current. I'm feelin that APC peacoat, but I can't imagine a peacoat being released in spring. anyone seen this? and out of curiosity, b/c there's a regular barney's opening soon in seattle, what happens w/ the co-op? anyone know?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque Wedding band only. Everything else is not only unnecessary, but chances are it will make you look ridiculous as well. Two exceptions: If you never plan to marry, maybe, MAYBE a class ring... if it's tasteful (unlikely), and you actually graduated and are employed IMO. Oh, and an iron ring if you're an engineer is acceptable, because of it's symbolism. I heard the "ritual" is pretty stupid and cultish...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug I just can't bring myself to wear necklaces. I've never seen one on people over at sufu i like. It just looks too pretentious or like you're trying to hard or something. I can't put my finger on it but i just can't do it. The only ones i've seen over there are the h&m and alex & chloe ones. Eww. I'm kind a curious too. Hats could work. Cheap's hat look good on him in the contest nominee. There was a big thread a...
until i can afford my choice timepiece (it'll be a while) i wanna accessorize a lil bit...been wanting to get a necklace for some time and have been debating between a black string/rope style thing w/ a pendant and a silver necklace...the deciding factor being which one is more versatile also, what are people's thoughts on rings?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa What's your price range? At the low end, AA makes decent pullover hoodies (if you pay 50% retail through mayonaise, anyway). Michael makes pretty awesome stuff. There's always Spruce/W+H/CYC and EG, though both are quite difficult to find. low to mid 100s, max... i tried on a WH hoody recently....and needless to say its very nice; however, the fit is not perfect for me at least...a lil larger in the...
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