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going to a wedding this summer (daytime, indoor at the fairmont) and cuz im a student, i only got one suit - a black wool/silk blend w/ very subtle pinstriping that i use for interviews and such...is there any way to summerize this thing? can't really afford to go out and get a khaki or lighter colored suit just for this occasion any help is appreciated
anyone ever try on a pair? the grey one on standardstyle looks kinda dope but i duno how they fit, specifically the waist..any insights would be great
are there any vneck undershirts out there that are thinner than jockey vnecks? i like the fit of the jockey vnecks but was wondering if anyone knew of a brand that makes basically paper thin vnecks...i like to wear em underneath my button ups (to keep my button ups cleaner for longer) but i want minimal interference w/ the fit of the shirt, if that makes sense, especially in the shoulder area.
For Sale: Two Nike White Label zip up hoodies, size small never worn before, selling as a package deal for $120 + shipping (although I am open to negotiating for individual sale) See Pics Below Attachment 3999 Attachment 4000 (inside graphic print) Attachment 4001 click on pics for larger view Measurements: shoulder to bottom hem: 24" shoulder width: 17 1/4" Sleeve length: 25" For more reference, I'm 5'8" and 150lbs and both hoodies fit...
i've had polo shirts shortened...one thing to consider though....when you shorten, you might need to take in the sides too b/c when the shirt is shorter, it'll appear wider, IMO
some of the models in the latest co-op catalog are rockin that combo and i think it looks good...as someone mentioned above, loosely tied works best...also, the ones they had in teh catalog were kind of scruffed up which made it look even better... now if only someone could direct me to where i can purchase those particular shoes...besides co-op
Quote: Originally Posted by scoon0224 I'll third the 'best fitting shirt I own' sentiment, at 5"11, 185 with a large... The shirts are cut short with the intent of being untucked, as far as I know. (instead of looking sloppy like wearing a real dress shirt untucked, hanging past your ass) how short is a good length for you guys? just bought a steven alan shirt, which fits great in every area except length...its weird they made it so long,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag Not sure why you wouldn't buy at Denim Bar with our discount anyway... although most ppl don't like washed denim here, i do enjoy some of acne's washes and i believe denimbar only carries raw acne pairs
i read this a few weeks ago...and seemed plausible at the rate revolve is going.. anyone know if there is truth to this?
how much, if at all, do RB jeans stretch in the waist? just picked up a pair of rb16s in 30, and i heard RB ran slightly larger, but i find that its quite tight, compared to my other jeans...not unbearable, but if it doesnt stretch at all, it wont be comfortable, thats for sure.
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