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ok, as i feared, there is nothing in the south bay... so next time i goto sf, where should i go? i havent really explored boutiques around the city that much, except self edge, but of course, they're mostly raw denim. ive been to villains vault and heard of Rolo, but beyond that, what else is there?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini South bay....San Francisco? South bay....San Pedro? south bay - san jose valley fair and santana row are my best options, and they're not very good options
I'm originally from the south bay, but didn't get into true "styleforum" level clothing until I was up in Seattle for school. Since then, I've gotten used to gettin my clothing fix at blackbird, ian, barneys, etc... now im back in the south bay for the summer, i realize theres a total void of decent men's clothing around here. even the nordy's here, which is pretty big, sucks compared to seattle's. and i can't always go up to the city, cuz its quite far. anyone know of...
anyone know how these fit? slim/larger?
I recently tried on a pair of paul smith sneakers, and it was larger than its posted size...was wondering if umbro kim jones sneakers are the same way (cuz they're both brit designers, duno if that means anything) does anyone know this? i wanna cop a pair online but duno if i should get a size 9 or size down
can someone describe the fit of the thin finn? i see varying measurements on differeng websites and even the pics arent consistent... how slim is it compared to say, ES fultons, acne max, levis capital E matchstick, etc?
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Like everything else, no measurement is absolutely correct for all people. Size of body, size of leg, size of foot and shoe style all factor in. i'm fairly skinny, but not dior model skinny...more athletic build, skinnier legs....5'8, about 150 lbs...size 9, 9.5 feet off the rack slacks look ridiculously baggy on me the ones i got tailored had an original opening of 9 inches..
I got some dress slacks narrowed finally, and I'm pretty happy with it, but I wouldn't mind it being a tad narrower (since i'm used to wearing slim/skinny jeans)... i'm wondering, at what point does it become too narrow? right now, i'm at a 7.5" leg opening, which sounds small, but b/c the material of the slacks, its obviously a lot baggier than a pair of jeans w/ that same size leg opening any thoughts?
what stores in the sf bay area carry engineered garments, if any?
without making it look like its been untastefully altered? at 5;8, i find that most slacks i find in stores are simply too baggy
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