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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Full measurements will post after August 15. Rise (on a size 32) is ~ 10.5", including the waistband, and the hem will be just under 8". Knee will be just a little over that. The jean will be slim, but not skinny. I know you were big on the KMW 1980s...i was wondering how this jean compares to the 1980s in terms of slimness and room in the seat... i used to really like the 1980s, but found it to be a lil...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike 5EP Styleforum pant, from $250, available in September at Denim Bar, 1101 South Joyce St., Arlington, VA, (703) 414-8202, www.denimbaronline.com; Oak, 208 North 8th St., Brooklyn, (718) 782-3632, www.oaknyc.com; and Hollywood Trading Company, 7383 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 964-0080, www.htcretail.com; www.5ep.com what's the rise, leg opening and general slim-ness of this...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I'm a size 38, Small in Jcrew (the body fits too wide for me tho but shoulders and chest are perfect) and a Medium in Band of Outsiders and the Hickey (S) was a bit too tight, Medium was almost perfect (ideally I would take the stomach area in a miniscule amount) I think that sizing chart is from Hickey Freeman and they just copied/pasted it into Hickey's site. No way those are close to being accurate from my...
anyone know how these shirts fit? and also, how is the quality? i emailed them, and they told me that its slim but not as slim as steven alan or BoO anyone have personal experience w/ them? thx
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Hickey Style Size Chart i saw this but i read somewhere on this thread that it might not be that accurate...so i was hoping to get some personal insight on the sizing
If i wear a size small in J.crew shirts and steven alan (although steven alan smalls are a tad snug, considering movin up to medium), what size would I wear in hickey shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie pics plz Attachment 5012 i know the jacket design isnt that unique, but im esp attracted to the tweed like material on a jacket like that
i think his nom de guerre jacket is sick (in the latest GQ), but at 768, at tad above my sane price range... anyone know of similar jackets and/or brands that make cheaper jackets in a similar style?
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy I don't like grey jeans, but Earnest Sewn has a couple. The ES Rotton in ?Greaser Grey? is a dark gray with maybe hints of blue. (I'm not 100% i got the name of the wash right). I didn't like either the Rotton cut, or the greaser grey, but YMMV, as they say. the greaser comes in the fulton cut, which is a pretty standard slim/straight cut i think its on sale at standardstyle too
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete - AB Fits in the Union Square area (R&B Denim and the like) - MAC in Hayes Valley, corner of Gough and Grove (Engineered Garments, Margiela, Podoll, etc.) - American Rag on Van Ness @ Sutter (Nudies, Engineered Garments, PRPS, Trovata, Haversack (!), W&H, etc.) - Bloomie's downtown (4th floor: Varvatos, APC, Margiela, Engineered Garments, denims, a whole lot more) Oakland - August near the Rockridge BART...
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