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Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike 5EP Styleforum pant, from $250, available in September at Denim Bar, 1101 South Joyce St., Arlington, VA, (703) 414-8202, www.denimbaronline.com; Oak, 208 North 8th St., Brooklyn, (718) 782-3632, www.oaknyc.com; and Hollywood Trading Company, 7383 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 964-0080, www.htcretail.com; www.5ep.com what's the rise, leg opening and general slim-ness of this...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I'm a size 38, Small in Jcrew (the body fits too wide for me tho but shoulders and chest are perfect) and a Medium in Band of Outsiders and the Hickey (S) was a bit too tight, Medium was almost perfect (ideally I would take the stomach area in a miniscule amount) I think that sizing chart is from Hickey Freeman and they just copied/pasted it into Hickey's site. No way those are close to being accurate from my...
anyone know how these shirts fit? and also, how is the quality? i emailed them, and they told me that its slim but not as slim as steven alan or BoO anyone have personal experience w/ them? thx
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik Hickey Style Size Chart i saw this but i read somewhere on this thread that it might not be that accurate...so i was hoping to get some personal insight on the sizing
If i wear a size small in J.crew shirts and steven alan (although steven alan smalls are a tad snug, considering movin up to medium), what size would I wear in hickey shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie pics plz Attachment 5012 i know the jacket design isnt that unique, but im esp attracted to the tweed like material on a jacket like that
i think his nom de guerre jacket is sick (in the latest GQ), but at 768, at tad above my sane price range... anyone know of similar jackets and/or brands that make cheaper jackets in a similar style?
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy I don't like grey jeans, but Earnest Sewn has a couple. The ES Rotton in ?Greaser Grey? is a dark gray with maybe hints of blue. (I'm not 100% i got the name of the wash right). I didn't like either the Rotton cut, or the greaser grey, but YMMV, as they say. the greaser comes in the fulton cut, which is a pretty standard slim/straight cut i think its on sale at standardstyle too
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete - AB Fits in the Union Square area (R&B Denim and the like) - MAC in Hayes Valley, corner of Gough and Grove (Engineered Garments, Margiela, Podoll, etc.) - American Rag on Van Ness @ Sutter (Nudies, Engineered Garments, PRPS, Trovata, Haversack (!), W&H, etc.) - Bloomie's downtown (4th floor: Varvatos, APC, Margiela, Engineered Garments, denims, a whole lot more) Oakland - August near the Rockridge BART...
ok, as i feared, there is nothing in the south bay... so next time i goto sf, where should i go? i havent really explored boutiques around the city that much, except self edge, but of course, they're mostly raw denim. ive been to villains vault and heard of Rolo, but beyond that, what else is there?
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