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I noticed that the shopjake website says "no codes allowed" for pretty much all of the "new items" i've looked at.... what items can the code be used on?
Quote: Originally Posted by justin hustle i carry the rb6 and rb15 the rb6 is a loose straight leg, the rb15 is just straight the rb1 is a relaxed straight if i remember right, so rb6 would be pretty close i've been seeing varying information on the it just straight or is it pretty slim? i used to think it was slim until i saw some pics online... i own rb16s, which are basically skinny...and i thought the higher the number,...
what are ppl's thoughts on their new flannel workshirts? been lookin to get one or two...i think they're pretty dope...considering the decent fit of their "tailored fit" shirts and the price
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy i think a complete recut is too much, but tapering a bootcut is doable. i just bought a pair of ES fultons in black..which i really like...except i wouldn't mind a slight taper cuz straight legs can appear to flare out at the bottom at certain angles... 1. is this doable? 2. is this worth it?
get smart, what kind of denim u rockin in those pics? has a fair amt of fred perry i believe urban outfitters online carries some track jackets as well
i was wondering if anyone has ever tailored a shirt w/ a covered placket where you'd essentially get rid of that cover.... i want this steven alan workshirt but would prefer a non-covered placket
blue in green never been, but ordered my pair of PBJ 005's from them they basically carry all the japanese denim you could handle staff is pretty helpful as well
Quote: Originally Posted by ken It doesn't take that long to break them in; it takes that long to fade them. Jeans should be comfortable after a couple weeks, if not much sooner. right, i thought he was referring to the whole breaking in as in fading only denim that wasnt comfy to me right away was the sandpaper....but is relatively comfy after the first wash
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzeraxe II Thanks. Is APC the one where I have to 'break it in' over the course of a month? Also, what are member's opinion of: Paper Denim Edun AG Monarchy Blue Cult Panzer any raw denim requires breaking in time....and it usually takes 5-6 months if not longer to break them in.... but doesnt mean they dont look good NOT broken in....i dont wear my raw pairs THAT much, so they prolly wont achieve...
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