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these are something i might be interested in... ive never ordered from DB before...do i just call em up and put in an order? anyone know if they have 30x32 in stock still?
can someone compare this to the KMW 1980s? Im assuming the leg opening is smaller cuz of the taper...just wondering overall, how slim is this jean compared to the KMWs...i'd prefer something a tad slimmer than the 1980s, esp in the seat area, which is a lil too big for my skinny ass
I've never worn a scarf before but I'm thinking about purchasing one now and makin it a mainstay accessory. most likely a plain grey cotton/wool scarf that can go with pretty much everything...i really liked the nicole farhi one on oak nyc, but its sold out :-( since im a scarf noob....what are the do's and don'ts with scarves? specifically...does a scarf work with just a long sleeve button up for instance? and any scarf suggestions would be much appreciated
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Sorry, they won't be carrying it. damn. i know a lot of ppl have been placing pre-orders on the bedford, if i read correctly...is there any chance of gettin one now?
anyone know if ian's in seattle will be (or is already) stocking the bedford in herringbone/tweed? returning to the emerald city this sat after a 3 month break in cali :-(
Quote: Originally Posted by Dill I think you are reading it wrong. It says: "items discounted more than 60% are final sale. no codes allowed on these items." To me that means no codes are allowed on sale items. i'm an idiot. gotcha
I noticed that the shopjake website says "no codes allowed" for pretty much all of the "new items" i've looked at.... what items can the code be used on?
Quote: Originally Posted by justin hustle i carry the rb6 and rb15 the rb6 is a loose straight leg, the rb15 is just straight the rb1 is a relaxed straight if i remember right, so rb6 would be pretty close i've been seeing varying information on the rb15s...is it just straight or is it pretty slim? i used to think it was slim until i saw some pics online... i own rb16s, which are basically skinny...and i thought the higher the number,...
what are ppl's thoughts on their new flannel workshirts? been lookin to get one or two...i think they're pretty dope...considering the decent fit of their "tailored fit" shirts and the price
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy i think a complete recut is too much, but tapering a bootcut is doable. i just bought a pair of ES fultons in black..which i really like...except i wouldn't mind a slight taper cuz straight legs can appear to flare out at the bottom at certain angles... 1. is this doable? 2. is this worth it?
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