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For Sale: Sparingly worn (< 10x) Quoddy Moccasins in "peanut brown" color. I bought these from Inventory, so this is an exclusive colorway (peanut leather upper, black sole). Size 9, fits true to size. Pics: I added some heel pads to prevent heel scratching. Does not change the sizing in any way. Asking $180 shipped. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
Quote: Originally Posted by guster And a huge liabilty on offense???? His outside shooting is a liabilty bit he also has been one of the league leaders at guard for shooting percentage. There is a lot more to this game than just outside shooting. The Celtics are older than a few years ago, yet they lead the league in FG % shooting. That is because of Rondo's maturity in running a team. Look at that team when Rondo goes out of the game. Offense...
I don't know man. He played alright last night, but I've seen him so many times this season where he can no longer defend elite offensive scorers. PP owned him in LA iirc. Doesn't have the lateral quickness, and just seems uninterested out there bc he rarely gets offensive touches. He really was never able to defend Bron who was too fast for him. He is best against Melo bc Melo's game is based more on physicality than speed. All in all, his defense NOW is mediocre...
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy i love to watch him play offense (except against the lakers). but he is such a little punk. my memory is a little vague ... 2 years ago? in the playoffs? against Chicago? he was getting abused by another pg (hinrich?) and when nobody was looking literally grabbed his jersey and threw him into the scorer's table. walked away like nothing happened. totally agree....Rondo just reeks of punkassbitch. and he's...
celtics looked surprisingly uninspired last night. I think the loss of tony allen will really hurt them if they have to face the lakers in the finals again. He did an admirable job of defending kobe last year - marquis daniels cannot fill that void and as we all saw, ray allen cannot, and never could defend kobe one on one, though no one can really. Celtics will be tougher though if/when they have a relatively healthy trio of shaq/perkins/oneal. LO looked very spry...
anyone know of B&M retailers in San Francisco that carry CdG Play? I'm particularly looking for their polo shirts. Thanks
price drop
I should add, the toe area seems roomier than the achilles. I've found the achilles 42 to be somewhat narrow. Granted, these are a size up, but it definitely feels roomier in the toe area, and less narrow overall, even given the sizing up.
^^ Well I normally wear 42, tried to make a 43 work, but it's a little too big. And I've never tried on any CPs in 43, so I'm assuming that these are true to CP sizing, if that all makes sense.
Brand New In Box COMMON PROJECTS OFFICER OXFORDS - Size 43, Tan/Brown Pictures tell the story. Asking $295 shipped. PM me for more details, offers, questions. Please no lowball offers, and thanks for looking.
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