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those are varvatos right? i actually wanted to get those in this version:
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I'm guessing a medium would be better for you - many people need to size up on the Bedford. If you want to easily check your fit though, Barney's Seattle location had a few cord Bedfords left last time I was in over the weekend. oh really? damn, i was there this past weekend too but i wasn't really digging around too much...didnt even know barney's seattle was carrying EG thanks for the info
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 I have at the moment the Bedford / Wool Herringbone, 2 size Smalls and 1 size X-large. That will be all that is available and if anyone is interested please contact me. Thanks. Gary apologies if this information is already somewhere in this thread, but would a small be the correct size for me? (I'm 5'8, about 148-150, pretty lean, but not that skinny in the chest/shoulders b/c i work out) any...
any idea how long the engineer's jacket is? will a 5'8 person such as myself be able to wear this thing w/o looking foolish?
does anyone have experience with this label? how do the sweaters fit? small side or larger? quality?
is this why large chunks of their online merchandise suddenly disappeared over the weekend? i wanted to buy a fred perry cardigan and after some hesitation, more than half of their fred perry inventory disappeared from their website
can anyone describe the difference in fit between the nudies grim tim and thin finn?
i've noticed when i drean clean my sweaters, they usually shrink back to original least the merino, cotton/cashmere blends... i've never put that much stress on it, however, such as pulling the sleeves up towards my elbow, but i have seen stretchin in the cuff and waist areas, and they have gone back to normal size after dry cleaning
i've been searchin for slim chinos for the longest time as well...and for a skinnier guy such as myself, its hard...even the j.crew "slim" chinos are too baggy, IMO, for me i finally found a pair made by steven alan at blackbird in seattle...perfect slimness, lower-mid rise, button fly, awesome color and $178, obviously a lot more than what im used to paying for chinos, but then again, i've never tried on a pair of chinos i like until now
I like steven alan a lot, and i think they work pretty well w/ a casual business outfit... and they are pretty slim on me. I am 5'8, 150, fairly lean build....and i've never had to alter the shirts...they pretty much fit spot on
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