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a pair of sevens, if you consider that high end...back in my college days ('03 to be exact) its funny how i considered them kind of fitted back then, whereas now, they would feel like mc hammer pants...i have since sold them for 30 bucks
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug blank- if you're concerned about a small calf/leg opening, just get true to size or possibly size up. There are measurements in the other threads of sizes 28-36. The top block is relatively loose for a pair of almost skinny jeans so i wouldn't worry about that, it's mainly about lower leg/hem preference. Note though that sauces hem looks really tiny because it's a size 30. If you're a size 32, it's going to be a full...
i am looking for a pair of grey jeans, but non-distressed...i know there's some out there, like a rag and bone model, but i prefer something skinnier than the rb11 i like the fading of a levi's capital E pair...i think the wash is called greystone, but i'm not a huge fan of the cut of the matchstick
payment sent for my 30s!
are there 30's still available? about to send payment right now...
Quote: Originally Posted by electricol Hey all, I just saw some of the fall collection for Opening Ceremony and I definitely fell in love with the new products. Especially that red checker sweater w/ the shawl neck and those tan suede(?) shoes ! Anyways, im fairly slim so I just wanted to know if anyone knew how they fit? Are they similar to a unisex fit? Thanks! i concur...that sweater jacket is dope i also like some of those...
those are varvatos right? i actually wanted to get those in this version: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/28926938/c/328.html
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I'm guessing a medium would be better for you - many people need to size up on the Bedford. If you want to easily check your fit though, Barney's Seattle location had a few cord Bedfords left last time I was in over the weekend. oh really? damn, i was there this past weekend too but i wasn't really digging around too much...didnt even know barney's seattle was carrying EG thanks for the info
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 I have at the moment the Bedford / Wool Herringbone, 2 size Smalls and 1 size X-large. That will be all that is available and if anyone is interested please contact me. Thanks. Gary apologies if this information is already somewhere in this thread, but would a small be the correct size for me? (I'm 5'8, about 148-150, pretty lean, but not that skinny in the chest/shoulders b/c i work out) any...
any idea how long the engineer's jacket is? will a 5'8 person such as myself be able to wear this thing w/o looking foolish?
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