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I like steven alan a lot, and i think they work pretty well w/ a casual business outfit... and they are pretty slim on me. I am 5'8, 150, fairly lean build....and i've never had to alter the shirts...they pretty much fit spot on
Quote: Originally Posted by Seaweed Thanks for the responses. Which city are you referring to when you say 'the city'? I was at the American Rag in SF and they carried one pair of spring courts, but not the pair that I wanted. Thanks for the link, I will call the us retailer today and see how things go. i was talkin bout san francisco.... hmm i was there about a month ago or so and they had at least several different pairs including the...
dont know if they have the specific ones you're looking for, but american rag in the city carries at least several models of spring court shoes
is there a correct/incorrect way to wear a waistcoast? i.e. should it always be buttoned up? if ur wearing a LS button up, should it always be tucked in? other do's/don'ts?
Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan These aren't for sale until mid-september. And there are no 30x32, it only comes in 34 inseam and 8 pairs of 36 inseam. Read dammit! apologies....im sneaking looks on this forum while in class.... in this socratic environment, a very high risk activity hmm 34 inch inseam...any ideas on what the leg opening would be if i got that hemmed to about 31.5? i currently like the 14.75 inch opening,...
these are something i might be interested in... ive never ordered from DB before...do i just call em up and put in an order? anyone know if they have 30x32 in stock still?
can someone compare this to the KMW 1980s? Im assuming the leg opening is smaller cuz of the taper...just wondering overall, how slim is this jean compared to the KMWs...i'd prefer something a tad slimmer than the 1980s, esp in the seat area, which is a lil too big for my skinny ass
I've never worn a scarf before but I'm thinking about purchasing one now and makin it a mainstay accessory. most likely a plain grey cotton/wool scarf that can go with pretty much everything...i really liked the nicole farhi one on oak nyc, but its sold out :-( since im a scarf noob....what are the do's and don'ts with scarves? specifically...does a scarf work with just a long sleeve button up for instance? and any scarf suggestions would be much appreciated
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete Sorry, they won't be carrying it. damn. i know a lot of ppl have been placing pre-orders on the bedford, if i read correctly...is there any chance of gettin one now?
anyone know if ian's in seattle will be (or is already) stocking the bedford in herringbone/tweed? returning to the emerald city this sat after a 3 month break in cali :-(
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