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5epxSF's in 30s and that dark grey/brown (whatever the hell it is...still tryin tno figure this out) EG bedford 600+ bucks out the window. sigh.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Hejfina just put up the brown bedford, the grey western shirt, and cinch pants on their site. Unfortunately they're all out of certain sizes already, like a 32 for the pants damn...how come hejfina lists their wool bedford as "dark grey"? mistake? cuz i just pulled the trigger on this sucker thinkin dark grey...i like brown too, but i was really envisioning the bedford w/ my new brown chinos... can anyone...
any idea if the grey herringbone can still be had anywhere in a size medium?
im close to pullin the trigger on a bedford.... but its tough deciding whether to cop the bedford, or wait to see the norfolk and engineer's jacket in person...which is the most versatile in ppl's opinions...or better yet, if you could only have one, which would it be?
anyone know who carries the raf slim grey jeans, besides south willard (sold out)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Souper that said, my favorite sneaker that I've been waiting to find on sale is the common projects achilles mid. do you, or anyone reading, know where i can cop these? been searching and searching and im willing to pay full price im also considering the achilles low in navy...although it feels somewhat foolish dropping that much on a less versatile color such as navy
i had an earlier post about the length of the engineer's jacket....is the length of the bedford the same as the engineer's? if so, im thinking i could pull off a medium
can anyone describe the sizing of common projects shoes? do they run big, true, small? i wear a size 9 in varvatos converse, for reference...what would be my equivalent size in CP?
I've had my PBJ xx-005's for almost 6 months now and there's still a crease (the result of the rigidity of the denim and the folded state it came in im guessing) going down the side, esp the bottom...not really noticeable from the side view, but from the front, it creates a somewhat flare effect at the bottom any thoughts on how to get rid of this? i hope ppl know what im talkin bout...im having trouble explaining this more clearly
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