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Quote: Originally Posted by Souper that said, my favorite sneaker that I've been waiting to find on sale is the common projects achilles mid. do you, or anyone reading, know where i can cop these? been searching and searching and im willing to pay full price im also considering the achilles low in navy...although it feels somewhat foolish dropping that much on a less versatile color such as navy
i had an earlier post about the length of the engineer's the length of the bedford the same as the engineer's? if so, im thinking i could pull off a medium
can anyone describe the sizing of common projects shoes? do they run big, true, small? i wear a size 9 in varvatos converse, for reference...what would be my equivalent size in CP?
I've had my PBJ xx-005's for almost 6 months now and there's still a crease (the result of the rigidity of the denim and the folded state it came in im guessing) going down the side, esp the bottom...not really noticeable from the side view, but from the front, it creates a somewhat flare effect at the bottom any thoughts on how to get rid of this? i hope ppl know what im talkin having trouble explaining this more clearly
a pair of sevens, if you consider that high end...back in my college days ('03 to be exact) its funny how i considered them kind of fitted back then, whereas now, they would feel like mc hammer pants...i have since sold them for 30 bucks
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug blank- if you're concerned about a small calf/leg opening, just get true to size or possibly size up. There are measurements in the other threads of sizes 28-36. The top block is relatively loose for a pair of almost skinny jeans so i wouldn't worry about that, it's mainly about lower leg/hem preference. Note though that sauces hem looks really tiny because it's a size 30. If you're a size 32, it's going to be a full...
i am looking for a pair of grey jeans, but non-distressed...i know there's some out there, like a rag and bone model, but i prefer something skinnier than the rb11 i like the fading of a levi's capital E pair...i think the wash is called greystone, but i'm not a huge fan of the cut of the matchstick
payment sent for my 30s!
are there 30's still available? about to send payment right now...
Quote: Originally Posted by electricol Hey all, I just saw some of the fall collection for Opening Ceremony and I definitely fell in love with the new products. Especially that red checker sweater w/ the shawl neck and those tan suede(?) shoes ! Anyways, im fairly slim so I just wanted to know if anyone knew how they fit? Are they similar to a unisex fit? Thanks! i concur...that sweater jacket is dope i also like some of those...
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