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Quote: Originally Posted by kiya That would be totally possible if you were the only person in the world getting your jeans chainstitch hemmed by us. But unfortunately we can barely keep up with the instore sales, let alone the jeans being brought to us from outside sources. how long does it take then? i'm in no rush, but just curious
justin hustle, how slim are those NdG slim black jeans? say, compared to the RB15s and RB 16s?
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 I like the influence. I feel like SF was a little ahead of the curve on the workwear stuff/trend, but who knows--we're not designing here, just reacting to designs. I have quite a few plaid shirts, but only one buffalo check--a wool pendleton. I like it, but I admit I feel a little "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK" when I wear it. I'll crosspost from the affiliate thread, I like this OAK...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Yeah, it is. But they are out of my size. So I'm bitter. Screw them. LAG, you don't wear a size 40 in that jacket? do the RB jackets run a little bigger? iw as looking at size 40 measurements of other RB jackets on shopjake.com and they seem to run smaller....
what are ppl's thoughts on these type of shirts/patterns? they seem to be pretty prevalent in numerous designer's collections this year
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 I own last years Rag & Bone hunting jacket, this year's grey herringbone EG Bedford, and a Filson tin cruiser, all mentioned on this thread. - The R&B hunting jacket is great. Fit is tight so don't expect to layer. Definitely a sleeker, more city look. - The EG is also great, but a completely different animal to the hunting jacket IMHO. It is a more casual look overall, much more blue collar. - The Filson is...
Quote: Originally Posted by phooi Just picked up my charcoal herringbone bedford from MAC. Great first experience there! Interesting side note was that Daiki was at the store today and I missed him!!! I wondered what I would have done... maybe he could have autographed my bedford and my fatigue shirt.... hahahaha! did u pick up the light greyish looking one? and are there any mediums of those left there?
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 I had a vintage one (poly filled, not down), but it was too gross to keep. I have the Land's End version that was all over last year, which was worth it at $25. Bobo, thanks for the rec, I'll have to check out the waxed LL Bean version in store. Although I think my mom has a waxed cotton vest how do those land's end vests fit? do they run small? true to size? large?
kiya, if i came into the store to get a pair of jeans chain-stiched, is it possible for you to ship it back to me? reason being is because I plan to be in the bay for the first weekend of oct, but obviously i won't be around when the jeans are done being hemmed.
thoughts on this thing? http://www.tobi.com/Product/5206-Rag...s-Hunting-Coat which would you rather have? this or the charcoal EG bedford
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