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kiya, if i came into the store to get a pair of jeans chain-stiched, is it possible for you to ship it back to me? reason being is because I plan to be in the bay for the first weekend of oct, but obviously i won't be around when the jeans are done being hemmed.
thoughts on this thing? http://www.tobi.com/Product/5206-Rag...s-Hunting-Coat which would you rather have? this or the charcoal EG bedford
Quote: Originally Posted by kallun Thanks! I guess I´ll have to give it a shot! Today: Woolrich sweater Julian Red V-boys jeans RBK Leather wrestling sneaks Military Surplus backpack love that sweater look and fit
recently got a pair of steven alan dark brown chinos...i really like them, the perfect level of slimness, one flap pocket in the back...donut button fly...the only truly slim chinos i've ever worn....got it for 178 at blackbird
Quote: Originally Posted by phooi If you're referring to the bedford, MAC (Modern Appealing Clothing) in San Francisco still has mediums. They are a great shop. Good luck! damn, now im torn between which one to get....wish i could afford both
5epxSF's in 30s and that dark grey/brown (whatever the hell it is...still tryin tno figure this out) EG bedford 600+ bucks out the window. sigh.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Hejfina just put up the brown bedford, the grey western shirt, and cinch pants on their site. Unfortunately they're all out of certain sizes already, like a 32 for the pants damn...how come hejfina lists their wool bedford as "dark grey"? mistake? cuz i just pulled the trigger on this sucker thinkin dark grey...i like brown too, but i was really envisioning the bedford w/ my new brown chinos... can anyone...
any idea if the grey herringbone can still be had anywhere in a size medium?
im close to pullin the trigger on a bedford.... but its tough deciding whether to cop the bedford, or wait to see the norfolk and engineer's jacket in person...which is the most versatile in ppl's opinions...or better yet, if you could only have one, which would it be?
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