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i probably would strongly consider getting it, im just pretty inexperienced with cashmere...im not sure about its durability and so im afraid of it stretching, which factors into my decision of whether its worth it or not...if im dropping that much money on a cardi, i'd like it to last for a while
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Can someone post measurement's of their medium herringbone bedford? I wonder if a medium will end up fitting me now. It's a shade over 28.5 inches from the center back to the bottom anyone have measurements for the small? i almost think i could fit in a small now
How do i go about ordering a TaT jacket? been needing a reasonably priced custom sport jacket for years
can anyone comment on the quality of barney's co-op sweaters? i tried on a cashmere striped cardi and really loved it....style, fit, everything...but their sweaters seem quite pricey for an in-house brand...so just tryin to figure out if they're worth it
Quote: Originally Posted by anothergreenworld I noticed the Brown Herringbone Bedford to be larger as well, definitely more accommodating than the Cord and the Norfolk. I tried the Medium on at MAC the other day. I'm also 5'8" and got the opinion of one of the owners and she said it was spot on because they also tailor there and could have altered it if needed. As far as length goes, I think there's nothing to worry about. MAC called, they have the...
just got my bedford...and its great except the herringbone version seems slightly larger than the corduroy version...does anyone else notice this? how long is the bedford supposed to be on your body ideally? like in proportion to the rest of your height? i fear mine is a tad too long....i'm 5'8 and got a medium
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart There's a place locally in LA that is basically Fred Perry central. They carry everything, from the Limited range to the basics to a good range of outerwear too. Online, check out www.endclothing.co.uk I've never bought anything but they have a good stock and prices seem ok for retail. or you could go direct to www.fredperry.com Their service is lightning quick, I've gotten orders in less than a week...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart maiden voyage of SF x 5EP ben sherman b/d fred perry jumper 5EP x SF Paul Smith chukka GS, where do you get your fred perry gear? i find it pretty difficult to find FP sweaters and stuff..only thing i see around are your ubiquitous track jackets i was gonna buy a cardi on bluebee but i guess that sale wiped out most of their fred perry inventory
Quote: Originally Posted by anothergreenworld I didn't ask about other sizes unfortunately. You should call them and find out. They're very nice to deal with over the phone. I always call ahead before I go to a boutique if I'm looking for anything in particular. Price range is steep. Wool Bedfords are at $428 + $36 tax. It's two blocks next to the Symphony, if that tells you anything. any idea if they charge sales tax if you order via...
1. slim dark chinos 2. EG bedford and similar jackets have always been a primarily sneaker guy, but i'm wondering what kind of boots or similar shoes would work better w/ the above things? askin cuz i never really incorporate chinos or bedford style jackets into my wardrobe until now suggestions? i like these two so far: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/ca...ku=NMOF8_N03EP http://www.apc.fr/us/en/fiche_articl...es_homme_shoes the 2nd is a tad out...
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