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Quote: Originally Posted by sartort Jason, once again, thanks for this beautiful jacket! I love it. It's better than I imagined. I can't wait to do another project with you. I think a nice herringbone coat is in order for the fall and winter (hard to imagine when its still above 90 here). Just a little preface. I wanted to get a navy sportcoat but was tired of the ubiquitous, typical, boring blazer seen everywhere. I had wanted to try TaT and I...
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 You might want to go to APCs website to determine who sells it in your area. My experience with APC is that not all resellers carry even close to their entire product line, though. Also, I don't find that $15 shipping is that ridiculous, to be honest, especially considering you won't be paying sales tax. I would give SW a call. oh. i was lookin to cop a pair of their cords last nite and the shipping...
haha yes i figured that, but they charge a ridiculous amt for shipping, just looking for other options plus, they dont show that the item is available for sale online, but i have yet to call them
where can i cop that light auburn/orange or whatever the hell color apc v-neck on south willard's website?
Quote: Originally Posted by rox88 A lot of money to spend for trial and error where are you located? surely there is a store nearby where you can go and try on a bunch of different pairs, then walk away with a good idea of what kind of fit you're looking for
Quote: Originally Posted by jet They cords are perfectly cut. Secretly glad they look crap in the photos so nobody buys them up though locals have been onto them for over a month. sorry dude, another question about the cords...are they true to size in the waist? i pretty much wear 30s in most denim labels...should a 30 fit me here?
i might have to cop a pair based on what im reading today....its been incredibly hard to find a quality pair of slim grey and navy cords
Quote: Originally Posted by jet House brands pretty much always suck. Rye is right in saying it's just a way for them to make more money. I think the only house brand I've been impressed with are south willard cords and jeans. The ndg cord shirt in L fits superbly but is pretty mediocre in design. I do like the extra thick mop buttons though. Their military shirt still fits like garbage though. jet, how slim are those south willard cords?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet What don't you understand, the design of the shirt ie the patterns are generic, bland, boring, uncreative would you like me to come over to your house and spell it out on your fridge with magnetic letters so you understand? PS. I'm taking my revolve code back. is there still a working revolve code?
if u like a slimmer/bordering on skinny cut, acne has a cut called the "mix", which is considered a high rise by them and it fits pretty good IMO....i'm used to wearing low rises and though i could tell its higher rise, i still like the fit...for some reason though, its not a very popular cut relative to their other cuts...ive never seen it carried by any online retailer besides acne themselves
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