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i might have to cop a pair based on what im reading today....its been incredibly hard to find a quality pair of slim grey and navy cords
Quote: Originally Posted by jet House brands pretty much always suck. Rye is right in saying it's just a way for them to make more money. I think the only house brand I've been impressed with are south willard cords and jeans. The ndg cord shirt in L fits superbly but is pretty mediocre in design. I do like the extra thick mop buttons though. Their military shirt still fits like garbage though. jet, how slim are those south willard cords?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet What don't you understand, the design of the shirt ie the patterns are generic, bland, boring, uncreative would you like me to come over to your house and spell it out on your fridge with magnetic letters so you understand? PS. I'm taking my revolve code back. is there still a working revolve code?
if u like a slimmer/bordering on skinny cut, acne has a cut called the "mix", which is considered a high rise by them and it fits pretty good IMO....i'm used to wearing low rises and though i could tell its higher rise, i still like the fit...for some reason though, its not a very popular cut relative to their other cuts...ive never seen it carried by any online retailer besides acne themselves
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 No, you're going to want to size down in R&B as they're vanity sized. If you wear 32-33 you want to buy 32-33 at the very largest. i don't have experience with the RB6 or any RB other than the RB16 (their "skinny" jean), but my true size is a 30 and the 30 in my RB16 is quite snug...its pretty perfect and hasn't stretched one bit in months of wear...i could probably wear a 31 and be comfortable in it,...
can anyone comment on the fit/sizing of fred perry button ups? for reference, i wear a small in j.crew and steven alan button ups, both of which fit me to a tee and id like a similar fit
after waiting over a month for my oak buffalo check shirt (the one featured in finally arrived, and the fit unfortunately, sucks. i wonder if all oak shirts fit like this, which would be a shame because I think they have nice shirts and the quality of this one is pretty decent. anyone have experience w/ other oak shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by robin If they do happen to sell out, make friends with one of the sales associates (or ask for Tessa is she's available) and check to see if they're willing to call other Barney's locations for more inventory to order for you. cool. thanks for the tip....i hope they don't remember me thus far as i've made several returns at that store lately haha
Quote: Originally Posted by robin The tan version would be somewhat more versatile than the olive in my opinion as it would be easier to wear again come spring. For what it's worth, I've been layering a shirt and sweater under mine and it's nicely snug through my chest, and without the sweater a tad loose. And are you referring to the Barney's in Seattle? I think I only saw one or two left on the rack when I was in there last weekend... i...
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Finns are different from other Nudies in that they're MADE to stretch with lyrca or elastane as part of their material. They'll be fine. Other Nudies, on the other hand, stretch without coming back to their original shape. i'll be fine as in i'll be fine if i wash (as it will shrink back to original size)? or i'll be fine as they wont stretch...cuz i am not planning on washing them much of course thanks...
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