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Hmm, you're a bit skinnier than me as I'm about 145-150 (fluctuates) - I'm also a small in EG normally, though the small camp shirts this season were too tight. I do have other EG items in small though, including the cruiser shirt jacket from this season, which fits perfectly in small.Hopefully Union has some medium pieces as I'm making my way to LA this weekend. Thanks for the info.
Can anyone rec a beach that's relatively uncrowded? I'll be staying in Pasadena, but willing to drive as far as Malibu maybe. I thought Will Rogers in Santa Monica was nice last time I was there - big and spacious with decent sand. I heard it was a gay beach, but didn't see any presence of it.
nice shirt. can you comment on the sizing?
anyone have a link of a pic where someone's wearing these shoes with clothes? love the look, but not sure how it'd mesh with my wardrobe either. Also, OP, I'm possibly interested - going to check out a local store here that carries Yuketen and see what the sizing is like first.
FOR SALE BRAND NEW IN BOX MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA GATs SIZE 41 - LIGHT GREY - Asking $285 shipped. Just bought these, but they're not quite for me, so I'm offering them up on SF. I feel like these shoes are well-known enough so I'm not going to type out a long description. But to reiterate, these are brand new, and everything including the box is in perfect condition. One of the shoes, as you can see, has not even been laced up yet. I tried these literally once on a clean...
price drops
Recently downloaded those non-mixtape The Weeknd tracks (the birds pt. 1, rolling stone, trust issues)...I think this trio has set a personal record for most repeats in a week. Hope this guy doesn't go "radio friendly" - The Noise mixtape is so much worse (read radio friendly) that it's hard to believe it's the same guy.
Probably not underrated as I'm guessing they have a rabid following somewhere, but some Japanese brands I've only been to look at online: - nonnative - really wearable - has that outdoorsy/slightly quirky vibe I like without being Americana like EG/woolrichetc + apparently great materials/construction - White mountaineering - same thing, thought perhaps more eclectic, awaiting some of this to arrive at maas stacks in sf. The price point probably keeps a lot of...
short sleeve japanese cotton jacquard in small now on sale. I'm late to the Gitman party, but loving the fit - it's what BoO could never do for me, and cheaper to boot. But bought too many shirts in a buying frenzy.
FOR SALE - BRAND NEW WITH TAGS #1 - Wings + Horns short sleeve plaid from SS11, Size Small I'm going to assume most interested buyers know the sizing of Wings + Horns shirts, so I won't post measurements. If you need them, PM me and I will provide. Sorry for the poor lighting. Here's a stock picture (long sleeve version) that shows the true colors: Asking $125 shipped. ________ #2 - Gitman Vintage Short Sleeve Japanese Cotton Yarn Dyed Jacquard, Size...
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