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Brand New with tags Wings and Horns short sleeve plaid shirt from SS11 - Size Small Hopefully most are familiar enough with W+H and their sizing. If you want measurements, please PM me and I will provide them promptly. Askin $130 shipped. ps. Added a stock photo of the long-sleeve edition that I got off the internet because the lighting in my room prevented me from capturing the color totally accurately.
anyone know if the mainline shirts fit like the wardrobe line shirts?
There should be a warning posted here as a sticky for out of towners - METERS RUN SUNDAY. stopped by Union for 20 minutes to cop some WM gear on sale, came out to a $58 parking ticket on la brea. Been a while since I've been in LA, but shit, I've never seen a city so vigilant when it comes to dishing out parking tickets.
godamn, I hate knowing I'll have to wait for sales to start before I can afford any of this shit.
Pardon if you're anti-hollywood, but has anyone been to animal (restaurant) on fairfax? Heard good things about it.
Hmm, you're a bit skinnier than me as I'm about 145-150 (fluctuates) - I'm also a small in EG normally, though the small camp shirts this season were too tight. I do have other EG items in small though, including the cruiser shirt jacket from this season, which fits perfectly in small.Hopefully Union has some medium pieces as I'm making my way to LA this weekend. Thanks for the info.
Can anyone rec a beach that's relatively uncrowded? I'll be staying in Pasadena, but willing to drive as far as Malibu maybe. I thought Will Rogers in Santa Monica was nice last time I was there - big and spacious with decent sand. I heard it was a gay beach, but didn't see any presence of it.
nice shirt. can you comment on the sizing?
anyone have a link of a pic where someone's wearing these shoes with clothes? love the look, but not sure how it'd mesh with my wardrobe either. Also, OP, I'm possibly interested - going to check out a local store here that carries Yuketen and see what the sizing is like first.
FOR SALE BRAND NEW IN BOX MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA GATs SIZE 41 - LIGHT GREY - Asking $285 shipped. Just bought these, but they're not quite for me, so I'm offering them up on SF. I feel like these shoes are well-known enough so I'm not going to type out a long description. But to reiterate, these are brand new, and everything including the box is in perfect condition. One of the shoes, as you can see, has not even been laced up yet. I tried these literally once on a clean...
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