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Any idea who else might be carrying this shirt? I'm a small in Gitman and it appears to be sold out on SW.I got a small in the organic cotton gingham from this past spring season - would I be a small in this season's shirts as well? seeing a lot of comments about differing sizes.
I was just about to post about these, and the other YSL offering on Mr. Porterppl's thoughts on YSL quality and look? I haven't seen them in person yet.
FOR SALE: BRAND NEW WITH TAGS Wings + Horns short sleeve plaid button up from SS11 - Size Small I take it most people here are familiar enough with WH sizing, so I won't post them here. If you need measurements, PM and I will provide them promptly. I will ship internationally, but that would require a bit extra depending on the destination. Any questions, comments, offers, feel free to PM me. Thanks p.s. I added an internet photo of the long sleeve edition because it...
BRAND NEW WITH TAGS: Wings and Horns short sleeve plaid shirt - "Brown color" - Size Small Hopefully most people are familiar enough with W+H sizing. If you need measurements, please PM me and I will provide them promptly. For comparison sake, I wear a small in Gitman, and find that the W+H sizing is fairly similar in the chest/shoulders area, and slightly shorter in the body. Asking $130 shipped domestically. PM me if you need it shipped internationally, or have any...
Just wanted to ask again if anyone can answer - how does their Wardrobe line compare to their mainline in terms of sizing? particularly interested in the sizing of their shirts. Thanks
Brand New with tags Wings and Horns short sleeve plaid shirt from SS11 - Size Small Hopefully most are familiar enough with W+H and their sizing. If you want measurements, please PM me and I will provide them promptly. Askin $130 shipped. ps. Added a stock photo of the long-sleeve edition that I got off the internet because the lighting in my room prevented me from capturing the color totally accurately.
anyone know if the mainline shirts fit like the wardrobe line shirts?
There should be a warning posted here as a sticky for out of towners - METERS RUN SUNDAY. stopped by Union for 20 minutes to cop some WM gear on sale, came out to a $58 parking ticket on la brea. Been a while since I've been in LA, but shit, I've never seen a city so vigilant when it comes to dishing out parking tickets.
godamn, I hate knowing I'll have to wait for sales to start before I can afford any of this shit.
Pardon if you're anti-hollywood, but has anyone been to animal (restaurant) on fairfax? Heard good things about it.
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