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Anyone own those marled tank tops? If so, how have you washed them? It says hand wash, but seriously? I can't machine wash this guy? That said, I don't want to risk messing up the tank's shape. It's basically perfect as it is right now.
I'm thinking about getting these: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/allen-edmonds-randolph-loafer/2837088?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=60135789&fashionColor=Burgundy+Burnished+Calf&resultback=6755&cm_sp=personalizedsort-_-searchresults-_-1_17_A Would be my first pair of AE's and first pair of loafers. How's the value I 'd be getting at $345? Anything better out there? I like the sleekness and color of this particular pair.
Thanks for the input guys. And FYI, I'm just a guest, not the groom haha. Here's the loafer I was thinking of buying: http://www.unionmadegoods.com/quoddy_True_Penny_Loafer_in_Cavalier_Windsor_Wine_with_Leather_Sole_9206.html I love the shape of the shoe, and the color as it appears online at least. Will have to inspect this weekend. The only thing I'm reluctant about is the color of the sole. Not that I don't think it doesn't look good with the shoe, but in terms of...
Hey guys, I'm eyeing a pair of burgundy loafers. Never owned burgundy shoes before but always admired the look of it. In terms of matchability, is it basically the equivalent of dark brown? What considerations should I keep in mind? I have summer daytime wedding outfit planned that includes a navy blazer (though on lighter side of navy), white shirt, dark navy pindot tie and medium/dark grey (sharkskin) slacks. Would the burgundy loafer have any issue pairing with this...
Can anyone who owns NN stuff comment on the sizing of their tees, button ups and sweatshirts? I'm normally a small in most brands, but on the larger side of small due to an athletic build. So I'm inclined to order mediums in the tees and smalls in the others. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks for the input, guys. The pants in the picture look darker than it really is. It's not charcoal, more of a medium grey. And it's pretty thing/lightweight (read: perhaps not the highest quality seeing as it is j.crew) but that works out in terms of comfort in heat. Re: the jacket, I'm normally not into unstructured jackets, especially ones in jersey, because of the casualness. But the Gant Rugger fit to me makes it seem more structured than other unstructured...
Hi all, Was hoping to get some suggestions/comments/tips on my summer wedding outfit. It's mainly for a summer wedding up in Tahoe (so not so formal, but still semi-formal), but I have like 3 summer weddings to attend, so I'm hoping to vary this ensemble slightly for each different wedding. First, is it appropriate to wear trousers and a sport jacket as opposed to a matching suit? What I got so far is: 1. Gant rugger unconstructed jersey jacket: 2. White shirt...
So it's been 3 years. I went there multiple times during that time so I felt like I covered a lot of ground in terms of the retail and dining/nightlife scene. Of course, I didn't come close to doing a comprehensive tour, but hit enough of the "current" spots. My question is, anything new and particularly noteworthy in the past 3 years? Going to be there this weekend, and memorial day weekend. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
For Sale: Brand new with tags, Unis "Harry" chambray shirt, Size Small Asking $70 shipped domestic, $90 shipped international. PM me with any questions. Thanks
has anyone ever heard of www.aestock.com? They have a ton of stuff, but I'm afraid it's not a legit site, mainly due to the fact that they seem to have a ton of sizes in a ton of different things.
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