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Going to be there in May. Are there any shopping districts to explore? Or just various boutiques here and there? Only one I know of that carries the kind of stuff I'm into is Rooney. Any other stores like that?
Will be there for a bachelor party in late May, but I'll have some downtime to explore and do my own thing. I really know nothing about Montreal besides the basics. Would love to see older historic districts, if there are good ones, and just explore some neighborhoods for street photography ops. I know of some shops there, like Rooney, which I'll probably hit up, but doesn't seem like the retail scene is too big there, or is it? Not a foodie, but I'll take recs for any...
I'm not trying to choose between what I believe to be similar places. Just two international destinations with that high fashion/food/culture etc etc. Asking if I had to choose one, which one?
If I had roughly one week, traveling with a very small group. Interested in SF type things. Would probably be mid 2014. Anyone who's been to both in recent times, can you give me a brief pros and cons rundown? I would think costs are pretty comparable. I lean towards Tokyo b/c I've always dreamt of having full access to all the JP brands, and it has a certain mystique that appeals more to me. But I have friends that always rave about Paris. Any...
Price drop to $100 shipped.
I'm looking for a staple cap toe oxford in dark brown in the 3-400 range and Loake seems to one of, if not the best option. I have medium width feet but pretty skinny ankles. Is there anything I should know about Loake sizing given this? The skinny ankles is a constant problem with shoes in general for me. Also, re: general sizing, I typically wear a US 9, but 8.5 in dress shoes. What size would be appropriate for Loake? Looking at the Aldwych. Thanks
It's amazing that I reached 30 without ever truly investing in dress shoes, despite the fact that I work in a law office. For a few years after law school, I wore these apron toe to boot new york shoes that I thought were so high quality my senior year in college ('04). Then I got these Barney's label cap toe oxfords in '09 at a warehouse sale and been wearing them ever since. They probably should've been retired a year ago, at least. Thing is, despite the poor fit (ankle...
Anyone seen the LDV trail low in that green/grey color? The other colorways seemed to have been released in several spots, and end had a pre-order on the greens but they ran out of my size.
For Sale is a brand new, unworn pair of Nike Flyknit Trainers in the Crimson/Grey/White colorway. Discontinued color. Size 9.5. $160 shipped to CONUSA. Elsewhere, please inquire. Thanks for looking!
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