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Peacoat Sold.
FOR SALE: #1 Gently worn (2-3x) Common Projects Black Court Shoes in Size 41 Check out pics to see condition of shoes: Asking $215 shipped. Any questions, interest, PM me. Thanks for looking!
Anyone know how APC crewneck sweatshirts fit? I'm normally a small, but a larger small (so a med in BoO) and 5'8". Would I be a small or medium for APC sweatshirts?
PRICE DROPS! Common Projects: $220 shipped. Butteros are sold.
My first geller piece:
PRICE DROP ON THE PEACOAT.....$250 shipped!
wanted to hear ppl's experiences on the trousers... I love the way they fit (when I get measurements right), but I notice that the waist stretches, sometimes considerably, with wear. I've already tailored one of my pants to take it back in, but obvioiusly I can't keep tailoring it. It does shrink a tad when I dry clean, but it soon stretches out after a few wears. Both the waist and the seat seem to stretch. Is there any way to reinforce the waist somehow?
Brand New In Box NIKE ZOOM MVP - Size 9 - White/Red/Black Steve Nash model, discontinued. Got these on eastbay, never wore it because the toe box is a bit too narrow for me, and just never returned it. Asking $80 shipped.
PRICE DROP TO $285 shipped!
Price drop on the BoO Shirt and CP safari boots...
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