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Kobe. Simply the Best. Bron, grab a highlight reel from last night and enroll in the University of Kobe Bryant if you ever wanna be enter the pantheon of all timers.
awesome sweater, I have this in the darker color. Might be interested in this down the road if you have trouble selling. anyways, free bump at least
^^ what was the material?
Anyone have experience with the HOPE label? Been seeing it more in various e-shops like opening ceremony...they seem to have nice stuff at reasonable prices. any comments on the quality and general fit would be appreciated.
can fair isle be worn in spring/summer? love my patrik ervell fair isle, its not too heavy (baby alpaca), has "cooler" colors and I live in SF so it's constantly not warm/cold in the summer months.
untucked shirt w/ sport jacket AND tie on paper, recipe for disaster, and usually is. but one time on a brief trip to NYC where I failed to bring a jacket, I ended up wearing slim dark denim, a tailored-too-short thin flannel w/ a knit tie and a NdG short tweedish sport jacket. The textures and length of the items made it all work imo.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^recent ones yes I may be selling my L if anyone is interested and selling my friends M also. wait jet, are you saying yes, they do vary from season to season? or yes, they fit like the fall/winter knits?
Heel to toe measurement is approximately 11.5". maybe a hair under
Has anyone tried on ervell knits from spring '10? I got the fair isle from winter and a small fits me perfect...wondering if the fit of the knits vary from season to season with ervell. Was interested in that pocket sweater. any comments on the fit would be appreciated.
Price drop on EG shirt - $200 shipped.
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