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FOR SALE: #1 Gently worn (2-3x) Common Projects Black Court Shoes in Size 41 Check out pics to see condition of shoes: Asking $215 shipped. Any questions, interest, PM me. Thanks for looking!
Anyone know how APC crewneck sweatshirts fit? I'm normally a small, but a larger small (so a med in BoO) and 5'8". Would I be a small or medium for APC sweatshirts?
PRICE DROPS! Common Projects: $220 shipped. Butteros are sold.
My first geller piece:
PRICE DROP ON THE PEACOAT.....$250 shipped!
wanted to hear ppl's experiences on the trousers... I love the way they fit (when I get measurements right), but I notice that the waist stretches, sometimes considerably, with wear. I've already tailored one of my pants to take it back in, but obvioiusly I can't keep tailoring it. It does shrink a tad when I dry clean, but it soon stretches out after a few wears. Both the waist and the seat seem to stretch. Is there any way to reinforce the waist somehow?
Brand New In Box NIKE ZOOM MVP - Size 9 - White/Red/Black Steve Nash model, discontinued. Got these on eastbay, never wore it because the toe box is a bit too narrow for me, and just never returned it. Asking $80 shipped.
PRICE DROP TO $285 shipped!
Price drop on the BoO Shirt and CP safari boots...
I think depends on the wash. I think the acne max raw is fairly dressy. The taper is barely noticeable...imo it's just slimmer than the mic and slightly lower rise as others have said. I don't think the cash wash is that dressy, and definitely size down on the cash. My 30s in the max raw are tight, but my 30s in the cash are way too big in the waist. This is the most frustrating thing about acne denim. I wish they brought back the Mix cut...it was never a popular cut...
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