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I'm 5'8, 145, 37" chest, usually wear size small in most brands. Would I be a 46 or 48?
I have this. It is very black, not like a faded overdye although it is overdye. Fit is TTS.
Price drop to $70
Went through the thread and didn't see any replies re: Oki-Ni. Will I get hit if my order > $200? Seems like END is well known here, but just a recent experience. Ordered a $400 item, got hit with a $85 fee. Sucks. It's been over a year since I've ordered from TBS, but don't remember ever getting hit with customs, regardless of price. Is this still the case?
Hi, what size is this? And what season is it from? Thanks, Brian
Jvog - any other cafe recs? I have a thing for cafes with design-level ambiance, if there's anything like that in Montreal. Given that it's European/French, is cafe culture big in Montreal? What about parks? Does Montreal have anything resembling Vancouver and its close proximity to nature? thanks again
what kind of labels does les etoffes carry? Couldn't find much info on them
Thanks for the suggestions! Yea, I figured there would be no counterpart to Soho (there really is no counterpart in the US as far as I know). The boutique/cafe place sounds nice, right up my alley. I'm going to be there Memorial day weekend (Thurs - Sun). There for a bachelor party, but I'll have downtime to explore on my own. Any areas like Nolita? Love quaint little neighborhoods with a nice mix of boutiques, cafes and restaurants where I can just chill and people watch...
This thing is still available and still BNWT. Dropping to $80 shipped.
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