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Hi all, I'm in Paris for the first time. Are there dress codes for clubs? I see in photos and videos where there doesn't seem to be your typical American dress code (i.e. no hats) It's cold here, I'm wearing beanies/hats on the daily. Will that be ok?
Are the clashes longer than the villains? I'm looking at Atrium pics and their pics would definitely suggest so.
Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the info.Anyone know of Bay Area places that stock good EG for try-on purposes?I rarely shop at BM stores anymore. I know bloomies and Barney's carries but they rarely have good buys. Anywhere else? Bay Area retail scene has really picked up in recent years, but come to think, I can't think of any more additional carriers of EG.
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the popover shirts? I felt like in the past, they were slightly larger than the other short sleeve offerings (e.g. camp shirt, chauncey) The measurements from indigo and cotton would seem to suggest this, but never actually tried them on.
Does the ribbing on the crew neck sweatshirts rise up a little? Asking because if not, 26.5" length (size small) would seem too long for me (5'8") Do the crew sweatshirts fit long? Or like a standard crewneck?
are they releasing any camp shirts?
the material looks to be pretty thin/flimsy (not saying low qual of course) - anyone know?
Domestic shipping free. International, inquire.
For Sale: Brand new with tags Wings and Horns Herringbone Grey Short Parka in size small Info here: I bought this during a flurry of holiday sale buying and realized I'm never going to have a real chance to wear this a lot (I live in CA), so unloading it for the price I got it for, plus shipping. PRICE DROP $280 + shipping For domestic, $10 shipping International, inquire. Thanks for looking!
I'm 5'8, 145, 37" chest, usually wear size small in most brands. Would I be a 46 or 48?
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