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Nobody in the EU is swole....
I can confirm that they are slightly looser, but I would strong suggest against sizing down.
Decent looking last.
Got a pair for $90 during Porter's first winter run. They were damn nice.
They got a couple of new colors: Light faded blue and a traditional indigo with yellow/golden stiching. They went back to the awful shitty blends again, so beware.
This is a nice bomber. Tried on the beige version at Barney's. That thing was so lux
I got last season's; kept me warm in the Southeast (U.S.) and now in Korea.Would recommend on discount.
You're being too nice. The new one's are pretty much shitty. Better off playing the Yoox roulette if you're searching for wool trousers.
Living in S.Korea for a short period of time. I'm wondering, which online stores can I shop at without getting hit with major duties.
This thread marks the beginning of the end for Story Et Fall.
New Posts  All Forums: