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Still copping bunny jacket...but damn that's a cute animal.
the sexy way of saying made in China
Need recommendations for memory- 5'9", 165-172 lbs. 41 chest. I own an Alpaca coat in a size 4 and it fits perfect: Sweet Spot for coats generally is around 43.5-44 inches.
Linen shirts feel softer this year. Will cop when they hit sale.
"Trust Charlie/Trust Drew sounds too familiar"
Green Jacket (Medium) Chest ~43.5-44 length = 26 1/4 sleeves= 26 3/4 Used very little (under 10, as little as 5 times?), might be wrinkled upon arrival. Been a suitcase for quite some time. Original Price $220
Anyone cop or tried on the following bomber? "Our Legacy Aviator Jacket Snow Black Herringbone."
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