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Think it's a cotton blend waffle jacket they had a couple years. The chances of them brining it back are pretty much nil.
Still can't get the site to load properly. Any solutions?
Had this jacket commissioned by the Pakistani leather maker who use to be the center of debate a couple years ago on this site. Jacket is based on the Rick Owens Mid Collar. Had some changes made it that should be quite apparent. Sleeves were made larger due to weight lifting (Width) and shorter in overall length than your typical Rick Owens. The lamb leather is really really really thick and impressive in person. I believe the leather maker mentioned that it was...
From J.Crew: Inspired by the vintage deck jackets our designers collected over years spent scouring flea markets and tag sales, this lightweight transitional piece is uniquely constructed in crow's-foot wool (a triangular-shaped pattern that resembles the foot of a crow). Equipped with large welt pockets and heavy brushed-silver snaps, it's an up-to-date take on a seaworthy classic. Wool. Welt pockets, interior patch pocket. Functional snaps at cuffs. Partially...
Looks damn good ...thanks for the head up!
Up for for sale are 5 Dockers Waders in the following colors: salmon, khaki, chocolate brown, faded navy and light gray. Of these five pants only the khaki received moderate wear so it has a soft touch to it. The other 4 were only worn 1-3 times. In fact, the faded navy still has the original tags but it's missing a button. This should be a very easy repair! The size on all these chinos is 34x30. Next up for sale are a pair of rare Levi 511's in "True Red Color." The...
Do the poly-blend skinny tapered jeans still stack well like the t-000? Do feel warmer because of the polyester? Still can't find a cut that I like as much.
GATS are fucken ugly. My worst purchase ever.
I got these at 19.90. The washed version is awesome, no need to buy Our legacy's/Ervell's wash with these on the market.They do need a tapering though.
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