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Thanks mate. Is this your first inverallan purchase cyc wit it? I'm assuming these have less stretch than SNS knits?
Hey yhall, Height is 5'8 weight is anywhere from 165-175. I wear a medium in old Stark models and a large in newer slimmer sns knits. Interested in the 6A shawl cardigan-- should I go with the 40 or 42? Want a slouchy fit and I'm interested in solid colours-- either wine or corvette. Thoughts?
Good shit brah ... would rep ... but there's no rep system! hahhaha
Phaggot you know the rules ..... pics
Did I miss the bitching and complaining about Yoox taxes or am I late?
Can we get backpacks without faces on them?
I wouldn't... just tug on it a little it will fit just fine
I don't think they'll be producing tasmanian suits this year. Probably some crappy blend suits
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