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Do the poly-blend skinny tapered jeans still stack well like the t-000? Do feel warmer because of the polyester? Still can't find a cut that I like as much.
GATS are fucken ugly. My worst purchase ever.
I got these at 19.90. The washed version is awesome, no need to buy Our legacy's/Ervell's wash with these on the market.They do need a tapering though.
Should I even ask about the zip wallet?
Long shot, But has anyone here handled both Toj's daypack and one of the similar IISE daypack models? If so what are the primary differences between the two-- things like overall size, weight, shoulder padding, quality, durability, etc
41 in Achilles....anyone know how this seasons low b-ball runs?
is it really only 42 for the chest measurement?
Can't think of brand more not deserving of SF hype than Barena
So are the baby alpaca cardigan worth it? TTS or size down?
New Posts  All Forums: