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I got last season's; kept me warm in the Southeast (U.S.) and now in Korea.Would recommend on discount.
You're being too nice. The new one's are pretty much shitty. Better off playing the Yoox roulette if you're searching for wool trousers.
Living in S.Korea for a short period of time. I'm wondering, which online stores can I shop at without getting hit with major duties.
This thread marks the beginning of the end for Story Et Fall.
Cool coat.
http://us.levi.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=54362316&cp=3146842.3146854&ab=home_carousel_tile1_m_501CT_010515 New cut that probably should have been "a thing" a long time ago. Truly a poorly run company that relies brand recognition. Anyways, hopefully this cut is similar to the LVC 1954.
Should have copped the Killspencer daypack. It's superior on all accounts- leather, craftsmanship, zippers, customer service, repairs, etc.
Yup, when I lived in Ann Arbor, I remember feeling like 30-40's were warm enough to wear a light tee and a hoodie. When, I went back to Cali and lived here for an extended period of time, 30's and 40's felt like hell. Shit even 50's felt cold.
New Posts  All Forums: