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I intend to wear it this way 70% of the time.
Did you go with an L or XL on the rabbit parka?
Some +J returns seemed to have been processed..... duffles for 69.99...
Quality is truly amazing--sorry can't upload picks right now, currently traveling. I'd call KillSpencer and ask them to send you some more pics via email or head over to their instagram for more pics. I was blown away by the quality when I received it. Much better than my previous TOJ day back.
N/m found measurements
Still copping bunny jacket...but damn that's a cute animal.
the sexy way of saying made in China
Need recommendations for memory- 5'9", 165-172 lbs. 41 chest. I own an Alpaca coat in a size 4 and it fits perfect: Sweet Spot for coats generally is around 43.5-44 inches.
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