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Should have copped the Killspencer daypack. It's superior on all accounts- leather, craftsmanship, zippers, customer service, repairs, etc.
Yup, when I lived in Ann Arbor, I remember feeling like 30-40's were warm enough to wear a light tee and a hoodie. When, I went back to Cali and lived here for an extended period of time, 30's and 40's felt like hell. Shit even 50's felt cold.
Would love to see a pic of your $85 haircut nigga.
How's the Ervell Fleece jacket in boiled wool? Worth the price tag? If the quality is good, how's the sizing? Measurements make it seem like it runs small? Size up 1 or 2?
Stunning but what a small chest size?
Got these in white-- They pretty cool
Long shot... but a 42 in Fiorentini and baker fits me perfectly...what size would I be in Guidi side-zips.
Some fit questions: 1) Does this season's 6A on End fit slightly bigger than previous years? The chest measurement seems to indicate so. Should I still size up 1 or TTS? 2) Does the 3A fit larger than the 6A? TTS or size one up?
New Posts  All Forums: