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No where near as narrow as Achillies. I take the same size.
Solid gamble...http://www.styleforum.net/t/458709/balmain-paris-brown-buckle-boot-with-metal-tip-toe-sz-42-brand-new-with-vibram-soles/0_50
This is really cool.
36mm to 38 mm for me. I also have smaller wrists. Milanese Loop looks cool
These are the golden standard. Go down one for an aggressive chino look, and TTS during BALK.I've been stocking these up like crazy . They were like $15 during a recent sale in Korea.
Been looking for this jacket for quite some time. Don't care too much about color- Olive, Dark Brown or Black, are all fine. Please let me know if you're willing to sell.
This is a really nice summer/spring collection. Lot's of great individual pieces.
http://www.greats.com/#mens-sneakers3 Anyone give these a go?
I went with Green. The way I figured, finding awesome grey outerwear is fairly easy to find. Can't go wrong with either through given the weave of the material.
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