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Blunt, but not too far from the truth.
http://www.selectism.com/2015/03/20/cos-fall-2015/ Fall 2015 Lookbook
Thoughts on the Nike Zoom Speed TR2?
Really like Uniqlo's button down for this summer- lots or cotton and linen blends. Interestingly enough they are up on the U.S. site, but not on the Korean/Japanese site.
Whatever you do..... DO NOT ship that MDR back to Korea. You'll be jacket-less and out 800 dollars.
This is brill....
The sad thing is that if Drew's restaurant went belly-up, he could easily get back on this forum give some sorry excuse/sob story and all would be forgiven thanks to his fervent fanboys. I'd say the best thing about this whole mess, is that WAYWT is soooo much better now without so many ill-fitted TOJ's/CP fits. Will say though-TOJ used great lambskin leather.
No where near as narrow as Achillies. I take the same size.
Solid gamble...http://www.styleforum.net/t/458709/balmain-paris-brown-buckle-boot-with-metal-tip-toe-sz-42-brand-new-with-vibram-soles/0_50
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