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Prefer it to be new but a lightly used jacket will also work.
Are you referring to the new Japanese denim? I ask because in the past, Gap raw selvedge denim is always 1 to 2 inches bigger in the waist then it's tagged...Blaster can you confirm how many inches they are vanity sized if any?
Yup ....Honestly one of the best buys I've made this year. Some colours look better than others though
They've changed though. Use to be 98-99% cotton, and now they are about 73-75% cotton. I've also noticed the new one's don't stack nearly as well.
I have way too many shoes so these hardly get any wear at all (wore ~10 times in 1yr). In addition, I got some expenses coming these next months so trying to earn some money before than. Highly versatile boot!
measurements? Condition?
I ordered a small in the infamous purple plaid and it fit tts. I then ordered the overplayed buffalo checkered shirts and few others and those bitches fit pretty small to me.
are the sleeves on the regular oxfords all that much baggier?
What's the material composition of that waffle knit?
I thought they would shut down individual orders the day Reedobandito placed an order, because he captures the essence of SF hype.
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