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Question on 5/3/1 routine.... On the last set of each major compound lift (OHP, Squat, D/L, BP), you can do the minimum (5,3,1) depending on the week or can exceed that limit? Is this correct? Example, on the third week instead of doing one rep at 95%, I could do 8-12 reps assuming I had the energy? Routine I'm considering running: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=155460263 Thanks
The blue print is really good. Hopefully they get released.
Somewhere Willy Cheesesteak is weeping.
DESANOS on Friday...bring your own drinks.Paterson HouseCity HouseMonellsCatbirdsAnd MOAR Hattie B's.
Aprox. Measurements Shoulders: 18.0 Pit to Pit: 21.5 (total ~42-43 inches) Mid: 19.5 Waist: 20.0 Back Length 25.0 Sleeve Length: 26.0 Width at Pit: 7.4 Width at Elbow: 6.4 Width at cuff 5.4 See Pictures for actual measurements
Up for sale is a black leather bomber that is made of a fairly thick lamb leather. Overall I would say that the leather is on par with the BLK DNM lamb. Additional details follow For another questions please send me a PM #10 YKK zippers Removable Shearling Cotton Blend Lining 3/4 Placket I'm a true 40. I recommend this jacket for a 38. Jacket was in box, so it will be slightly wrinkled. You can iron these creases out. Suede Patch
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