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Reddit/Styleforum just pillaged Mr.P.
Question on 5/3/1 routine.... On the last set of each major compound lift (OHP, Squat, D/L, BP), you can do the minimum (5,3,1) depending on the week or can exceed that limit? Is this correct? Example, on the third week instead of doing one rep at 95%, I could do 8-12 reps assuming I had the energy? Routine I'm considering running: Thanks
The blue print is really good. Hopefully they get released.
Somewhere Willy Cheesesteak is weeping.
DESANOS on Friday...bring your own drinks.Paterson HouseCity HouseMonellsCatbirdsAnd MOAR Hattie B's.
Aprox. Measurements Shoulders: 18.0 Pit to Pit: 21.5 (total ~42-43 inches) Mid: 19.5 Waist: 20.0 Back Length 25.0 Sleeve Length: 26.0 Width at Pit: 7.4 Width at Elbow: 6.4 Width at cuff 5.4 See Pictures for actual measurements
Up for sale is a black leather bomber that is made of a fairly thick lamb leather. Overall I would say that the leather is on par with the BLK DNM lamb. Additional details follow For another questions please send me a PM #10 YKK zippers Removable Shearling Cotton Blend Lining 3/4 Placket I'm a true 40. I recommend this jacket for a 38. Jacket was in box, so it will be slightly wrinkled. You can iron these creases out. Suede Patch
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