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Lands End on sale.
Learning something new every time I visit this thread. Get the gems coming @drewufool
This is dope!
Mine were horrible at first. I was about to give up on them, but I decided to take them on a long hike. Glad I did, as they broke in during those 5 hours.
Honestly, I'm surprised this hasn't happened.
Drew wearing some poverty garments in that first pic. Maybe eating thousands of dollars of dim sum in HK took a toll on his wallet.
TOJ leather is generally on the thick side and thick leather doesn't stretch all that much. Thus, your options are lose weight, sell or wear it open.
Depends on how "chic" (cringe) it's deemed on the blogosphere
This Carson Sale is Porter-esque without the shitty clothes.
[[SPOILER]] Is that Ervell bomber breathable nylon? For the amount of money you're paying, I truly hope so.
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