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IS the pit to pit really 40? That's crazy!
killing it
How would y'all pair these? Types of pants (cut,color, etc), shirts, jackets, etc?
Drew always gave out a huckster vibe. Not surprised at all. I still remember when he gave me shit for saying I was going to buy a Golden Bear over his TOJ1.
Dries x American Eagle
Questions for those who bought the old +J shit: Do they tapered pants have room to be let out?
Look closer m8. They started bringing back the 98%-99% cotton jeans. I think there are four to choose from.
Yup based on the measurements was thinking sizing down 2 or 3 SRS.
Have two knits for sale. The first is a shirt/jacket in a red and grey tarten pattern. Ribbing is beige and inner is quilted. 100% Virgin Wool. Made in Italy. New With Tags $100 Second, is a grey zip up cardigan with suede patches on the elbow and front pockets. There's a bit of shearling along the collar and inside the pockets. 100% Virgin Wool. Made in Italy. New with Tags $90 OR SPECIAL: BOTH KNITS FOR $120
New Posts  All Forums: