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This the J.Crew version? Would you happen to have measurements?
Color: White(ish) Material: Suede/Nubuck Upper Size: 42/9 Condition: Excellent condition, used under 10 times, 8 or 9 out of 10 Asking $250 Made in Italy Additional Info: Box not included, please add $10 for shipping.
Color: Navy Material: 100% Virgin Wool Size: Medium (Can accommodate a size 38-40) Condition: Excellent condition, used under 5 times, never washed, Asking $150 Made in Denmark? Additional Info: Old Fit, fits longer than newer SNS knits. Pics courtesy of div25sec9....
Most of the people who criticize James use to be quite cozy with Drew Keith. Funny enough these people probably have nothing at stake.
Color: Black/Navy- Pretty hard to tell Material: 100% Linen Size: 38 (Can accommodate a size 40) Condition: New with Tags Made in Italy Retail: $760 Asking $120 Other Info: This jacket is made from high quality linen. The material makes it perfect for three seasons and the color makes it highly versatile.
Size 40 New With Tags Lightweight Wool Coat Color: Navy Retail $290 Asking Price: $100 100% Wool Measurements: (Inches) Chest: ~43 Waist (From Second Button): ~42 Shoulder: 17.5-18 Jacket Length: 36.6-37 (From the bottom of the collar) Sleeve Length 25.6-26 This jacket takes inspiration from a blazer. Wool is light, sturdy and perfect for multiple seasons. Only sleeves are lined. Size 40 New With Tags Technical Wool Jacket Color: Navy Retail $190 Asking Price:...
Lands End on sale.
Learning something new every time I visit this thread. Get the gems coming @drewufool
This is dope!
Mine were horrible at first. I was about to give up on them, but I decided to take them on a long hike. Glad I did, as they broke in during those 5 hours.
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