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Will offer great deal for both jacket/coat
Streetwear and Denim is dying slow and painful death.
Conservation Coat is not for manlets period. There was too many ill-fitting memory coats.
Speaking of the miracle airs, I got the new variant and to me they fit a little different. Not quite as slimming fit as before. Quite the disappointment
Measurements: (Inches) Chest: ~43 Waist (From Second Button): ~42 Shoulder: 17.5-18 Jacket Length: 36.6-37 (From the bottom of the collar) Sleeve Length 25.6-26
Sorryfor the sizing question, but I really hope to nail sizing down on my first purchase. My sizes are as follow: Fiorentini Baker (Best fitting Boot): 42 MMM (both sneaker and boot): 42 Adidas : 9 Nike 9.5 New Balance: 9 Chucks: 9.5 Common Projects: 41 (Tight at first, but they break in quite well) Overall, I'd say I have a slightly wide-foot but I never find myself having to buy a wide shoe. Should I size down 0.5 as commonly suggested or go TTS?
This the J.Crew version? Would you happen to have measurements?
Color: White(ish) Material: Suede/Nubuck Upper Size: 42/9 Condition: Excellent condition, used under 10 times, 8 or 9 out of 10 Asking $250 Made in Italy Additional Info: Box not included, please add $10 for shipping.
Color: Navy Material: 100% Virgin Wool Size: Medium (Can accommodate a size 38-40) Condition: Excellent condition, used under 5 times, never washed, Asking $150 Made in Denmark? Additional Info: Old Fit, fits longer than newer SNS knits. Pics courtesy of div25sec9....
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