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is it really only 42 for the chest measurement?
Can't think of brand more not deserving of SF hype than Barena
So are the baby alpaca cardigan worth it? TTS or size down?
so is the rise (Front and Back) Actually Higher on PNS? Or is it just a even more tapered PS?
http://www.eastdane.com/brands-golden-bear/br/v=1/20801.htm Not a bad price for a fairly good quality varsity
Can someone comment on the durability of the alpaca cardigans? Would I need to be cautious when wearing it? Or is this a type of knit I can wear often? Much thanks!
Condition: New in Box Colour Black Size: 40 Made in Italy Reason for Sale: Too Small Bummed pics from Mr. Porter
People say this every season about every single brand, especially during the release of spring/summer collections.BTW What's the verdict on this season's collegiate jacket?
LVC 1954 is where it's at!
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