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An Asian Coffee.
Toto and Leica are liked.
Aside from a fancy dress context, the words stupid and twat spring to mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bohdathone Monocle is very good on fashion, although it also covers politics, business etc I particularly like the men's ryokan article in the October issue. The young lady was draped quite fetchingly, too. If not that, Vogue usually hit the mark.
The old Hermes ones are quite... something.
I have a little man in Andalucia who tri-annually prepares for me a refined preparation consisting of several almost-extinct wild herbs. I apply this daily upon my freshly shaved profile in the morning and before retiring in the evening. If I run out, or customs intercepts the consignment, I resort to Nivea or some such.
One should remember the audience.
Why not go that little bit extra and look toward the C&J Grasmere Cordovan in burgundy? The Church's are delicious; for another forty quid or so you could get cordovan.
He was spiffing in The Night Porter; agreeably disturbing.
As someone once said, there is no connection between people having guns and killing people and people not having guns and not killing people. And you'd be a commie to think so. Crazy laws from a bygone era must be keeping some folks in business, I suppose.
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