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It's a feature frequently left out of cheaper shirts as a cost cutting measure.You're welcome.
If it ain't broke don't fix it. The reason there is extra fabric on the lower part of the shirt is probably due to the back pleat. Back pleats are a sign of a quality shirt because they have added flexibility for your arms. You can tell a cheaply made shirt by the lack of details like back pleats. If you want your clothes to fit tight all over maybe you should buy made to measure or blouses instead.I find GBV shirts to have less billowing than your run of the mill mall...
That's entirely up to you. Plastic buttons are more prone to breaking and just look cheap to me most of the time. I hate plastic buttons and don't own any shirts with them. On the shirts I've bought that didn't come with them I swapped them myself with chalk, metal, horn, or mother of pearl buttons. I definitely would not return or sell that shirt just because it has plastic buttons. Even having a tailor swap out all the buttons for you would be around $10.As the poster...
How do RRL boots compare to Alden, Red Wing, and the like?
Post pics. That's interesting, I posted a while back that it looked like plastic buttons in one of the pictures online. I thought they only used chalk buttons.
Thanks, I didn't even know that such a pant existed. Is that a British thing? I've never seen those sold in the states in "preppy" or trad stores.Is there any alternative for cycling with a suit? I've done it on occasion and would hate to have chain greasy stain my suit pants. Would tucking into socks also work? It seems like that would make the lower leg really wrinkly and unsightly once removed.
Has anyone here ever participated in the "tweed run" cycling events? Are the participants in the following photos wearing a special capri style suit pant or are they tucking their suit pants into their socks?
They never sent me the item I sent back for exchange even though it was the wrong item and I see the item completely in stock. I decided I didn't really want it anymore anyway so it doesn't bother me but if I were you I'd call CS and complain.
It depends on the value of the item. I rarely ever get insurance. If priority versus the prepaid label only saves you 2-3 days I wouldn't bother. Maybe I have it especially bad but paying postage saves me weeks in the return/exchange process.
How much would it cost approximately for a tailor to add surgeon cuffs to a blazer? Is it possible? I have a madras blazer and I sometimes roll up the sleeves in the summer so adding surgeon cuffs would make this more comfortable.
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