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I don't really care for it. Something about the collar and belt make it look feminine to me. And I would rather pay $50 for some generic or vintage one from any army surplus store vs. the crazy limited edition RRL price. At that price you could get a nice waxed Barbour or something.I would never pay $500 for a cotton sweater but that piece is quite nice. Are you sure your size will sell out by the time it goes on sale?Namor is selling a similar RRL aran sweater for really...
Trying to decide between RRL and Saint James breton style sweaters. Keep one, both, neither? I probably could have sized down to XS but I find the sleeves too tight in XS. The Saint James is meant to fit tight all over. RRL fabric is soft and Saint James is rough/stretchy. Made in France Vs. Made in China.
Epic beard.I think you're one of the few users here who fully captures the "feel" of RRL. Out of curiosity do you wear RRL exclusively?
I wouldn't do it. Drying clothing in a dryer can cause uneven shrinking and bunching of the fabric at the seems. I always air dry.
7" leg opening on size 28 will be something like 8" on a size 34 with the same proportions.@NAMOR Aren't you like a size 12 in shoes? I think you can get away with a bigger leg opening. Having stove pipes with a size 12 foot will make your feet look really big. Unless that's what you're going for.
Oh, I thought you meant they had small suit sizes. Thanks for the info.
Did they have 36 in suits? 50% off 75 or just 75% off?
Why are single vented jackets eschewed on SF or in general? Does anyone wear no vent? I remember reading how they were ubiquitous in movies of the 30's and 40's because they somehow look better on screen.
I wonder what percentage of sales come from people paying full MSRP and those who buy on sale. Just because they RRL denim retails at $250 doesn't mean that's what most people pay. I think RRL provides the best bang for your buck for high quality denim, regardless of whether it's Japanese or USA denim. From my own experience, I think the cone lacks the "character" of previous denim in terms of things like slubiness but it's still a really high quality mass produced jean...
@captainshields If you want a noticeably higher rise I would look into the buckleback denim or other limited edition/reproduction style pieces. I used to have a pair of the bucklebacks from last fall and they fit surprisingly slim. Only .5" wider leg opening and 1.5" higher rise than my slim fits in the same size. (Size 28)
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