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Oh, in that case keep rockin' em! I assume you patched the blown crotch? Could you post a pic of it?I don't have anything I would specifically need the officer chinos for, but I have a stash of spare fabrics/materials I hold onto.I have a pair of J Crew chinos that I've been patching over the years in the Japanese "Boro" style as inspiration. Here's a pic:
If either of you or anyone here ends up tossing a pair that have reached the point of no return I'd happily take them off your hands. I could use the fabric and other pieces for clothing projects I'm working on.
Thanks for reposting the pics! Those looked amazing! A shame about the crotch blow-out.Do you have any tips for freshness? Not washing my raw denim isn't really a problem for me since I wear jeans a few times a month at most. However I wear chinos all the time so I'm a little concerned about germs and odor.Also, what did you do with the pants once the crotch blew out? Toss 'em?
I would say go for it if the added details justify the price for you. The cinch probably does make these look a little more old fashioned though.I plan to wear these in the same manner as my current pair of chino pants. My style is mostly preppy/traditional, so I'm almost always in a shirt and tie. Sometimes with braces. I sew in buttons for braces into all of my pants on the inside or outside of the waist. I own 4 pairs of braces from RRL so I like to have the option to...
Just measured. They have the same rise as my slim straight jeans. So a little higher than average I guess?
Nice! I'll do my best. Hoping the germ/stink factor won't be too much of a problem. I never found never washing raw denim to be a problem because I wear jeans maybe once a month but I wear chinos a few times a week. Wish me luck. I'll post break in pics if I can make any progress.Very perceptive. I do actually live in a neighborhood called Kensington, but not that particular one.
Just got the "Canvas Clyde" chinos in the mail today. Want to give a major shout out to @cchen for proxy service and picking these up for me in HK. Trustworthy, communicative, and affordable. He's a real asset to the SF/RRL community. I'm in love with these already. The fit is in line with my usual sizing. Love the kind of "mustard" shade. And the the brace buttons are rivets instead of sewn on buttons for added durability. Really glad I pulled the trigger and bought...
Will there be additional price breaks or do they usually sell out right away?Also, has Gitman made the sizing more consistant from spring/summer to fall/winter? All these shirts seems to have the same pit to pit measurements for my size (small 19.5") when I distinctly remember the fall/winter shirts being up to an inch slimmer than the spring summer shirts.
This listing is for 2 cycling caps. One from Giordana and worn by Spike Lee in the film "She's Gotta Have It". The other is by "Fast Folks", a bike shop and brand from Austin, Texas. $10 each shipped CONUS. Both in EXCELLENT condition and only worn a few times. The Giordana cap is made in Italy and the Fast Folks cap is made in USA. One size should fit most. Lots of stretch. Thanks for looking!
I wear something similar by Dickies to paint in. Never out and about though.
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