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I would personally deem them so but to each his own. They are in line with what the standard rise seems to be for mens pants these days.I find it challenging for most of my shirts to stay tucked because of the low rise of most of my pants. It's really annoying.
Are those new? If so I think they will probably stretch out a bit with some wear. I think they look great. It's a personal gripe of mine how almost all brands make all their pants so low rise.
Who is this emoji and what does it mean?
I thought this might make an interesting thread. I think we have certain styles we can classify ourselves as that we tend to abide by. So briefly state your self proclaimed personal style. After that tell us the one, or many articles of clothing that you refuse to give up even though it doesn't fit that style? I personally wear almost completely what would be considered "preppy" or "traditional" clothing. Maybe a little "Mod" since I lean towards slim cuts and a lot of...
I'm assuming they just give it a light wash that removes a bit of the wax so it has an aged look as opposed to a brand new freshly waxed/oily jacket. Getting a waxed jacket is on my list of must-have items I want to have and I actually prefer a vintage Barbour or the aged/washed RL ones over the shiny new Barbour's they sell at J Crew. Now that waxed jackets are trendy it kinda gives a little extra fashion cred that you're not a trend follower but you've worn and loved the...
Yeah I agree a lot of it looks like total crap and the sizing is all over the place. I do think there are some highly sought after collectible pieces that were originally from the Polo country line that are of decent or great quality. The American flag sweater, the "Indian" sweater, some fantastic southwestern shawls. Possibly the first Polo bear sweater if my memory is right? I've also seen some hand painted leather jackets I thought were pretty cool.Does anyone know if...
Yeah the pinstripe trousers are made of a really heavy cotton with metal buttons so I can more quickly rip em open and button them. The chinos were a pain so I decided to cut em. It's extremely easy. I wouldn't be intimidated by it. A razor or pocket knife should do the trick, but I use this one to be extra careful:http://www.amazon.com/Dritz-638-Deluxe-Seam-Ripper/dp/B0001DSIVY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399148905&sr=8-1&keywords=seam+ripperThis reminds me of my love/hate...
I've noticed this issue. Not sure why they do this. I guess so the buttons stay more securely hidden. On a pair of D&S chinos I have I removed them with a seem ripper but on my RRL's I just left it alone. Also replaced the chincy plastic buttons the D&S's included with coconut shell buttons. I don't think removing the button compartment in the button fly will weaken the integrity of the pants in any way if done carefully. It's really up to you.
Is there any way to differentiate men and womens pieces, aside from styling, for the vintage Polo Country stuff? Anything on the tag? I've encountered a lot of seemingly unisex pieces.
It's a feature frequently left out of cheaper shirts as a cost cutting measure.You're welcome.
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