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Price drop!
Does anyone know the best way to wash a cotton indigo sweater with minimal risk in distorting it and so the indigo will settle. I'm afraid to wear this sweater I got over any non-blue shirt.
Good choice. The chunkiness and details on that cable cardigan justify the price!Surprised at the RRL chocolate. Looks a lot worse than the online pictures imo.I saw that J Crew cardigan the other day. Really similar to RRL. Very chunky with patch pockets. Good deal on sale. J Crew and their Wallace and Barnes line make some pretty good RRL style clothes. You can definitely see the influence.
Price drop!
I used to have APC Petit Standard in I think the same size I wear in RRL (28) and PS was much skinnier. They were skin tight where-as RRL slim fit has a little more breathing room. At least in my case anyway.
What brand is that? Looks like a nice trench with all the classic details.
If anyone has a size small camo shirt they want to sell please message me. I've been waiting forever for one of these to appear on ebay or sf. There's one on sale now at End Clothing but still pretty pricy at $140 with shipping.
I wear a size 28 in slim fit and slim straight. Here are the measurements of both of my jeans using the B.I.G. method. Mind you the slim straights aren't completely broken in yet.Slim Fit 28 x 3416.25" Across waist9" Front rise13.5" Back rise34" Inseam11" Upper thigh7.75" Knee7" Leg openingSlim Straight 28 x 3015.75" Across waist10" Front rise14" Back rise30.5" Inseam11" Upper thigh8" Knee7.25" Leg opening
Ha, not even close. I bought them about a month ago and I've only worn them once so far. I'm not really a denim guy.I never hem any of my pants anymore unless it's a suit pant. Why not just cuff 'em and avoid the trouble?
Ha, I noticed the weird price fluctuations as I was shopping. I guess I lucked out because the two items I had bookmarked were reduced and this added coupon made me throw in a full price item I thought might sell out quickly later.
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