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My tailor would ask how much break I wanted and he also had a picture hanging up of different breaks. Slight/half/full break.Since I'm on the shorter end of the spectrum I tend to cuff my pants with no break, sometimes looking like highwaters, to create the illusion that I'm taller. And I like for my socks to be seen.
I think the amount of break you like and whether or not you want to cuff is entirely up to personal preference. Unless it's some ridiculous bagginess on the bottom it's really up to you.I used to get all my pants tailored but now I much prefer just cuffing them to different length depending on the mood or outfit I'm in.
I have a similar pattern. I think buying pre-distressed defeats the purpose of buying high end denim but to each his own.
Price drop!
Hi, this listing is for a LL Bean Signature Chamois shirt in camouflage print. This is a reproduction of their original chamois shirt from 1933. Only available on the LL Bean website for $79. Worn and washed once and hung to dry. Thanks for looking! Measurements: 20.5" pit to pit 17.25" shoulder to shoulder 26" front length 29" back length 19.75" pit to cuff 25.5" shoulder to cuff "Crafted with the same attention to detail as the 1933 original, but in Portuguese flannel...
Nice piece but I don't think it's really a fair comparison. Are you sure the Mendoza jacket wasn't meant to have a really burnished/aged looking leather like many other RRL products? You don't really describe what itself was bad about the leather. I'm genuinely curious because I thought that jacket was one of the coolest pieces this season.
Some pictures would be nice. I had an all leather RRL varsity and I thought the leather was really nice, but I'm no connoisseur.I don't buy any RRL at MSRP. I usually buy when it's 30%-65% off. At that point I find the prices reasonable.
The RRL pattern (stripes stopping at the upper chest) might be the more commonly used pattern for breton sweaters? I guess I have no preference for either one.Saint James is 100% Wool, RRL is 100% Cotton.The SJ is really dense knit that's super stretchy and rough. RRL is soft and thinner.To give you an idea of the tightness, the SJ size small measures 17" pit to pit laying flat. RRL is 20" pit to pit.
I have the same issue but it never really bothered me. I just put my wallet and phone in my back pocket because it's easier. I guess you could try filling your pockets with stuff or keeping your hands in them for a while?
Thanks guys. I'm gonna sleep on it but I'm leaning toward the RRL. I can comfortably wear it over a collared shirt which may be the deal-breaker for me. The SJ fits skin tight and the fabric is really rough so I hardly ever wear it. I think the RRL will get more use.
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