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I wanted this cardi so bad. I seem to remember it selling out everywhere fairly quickly.
Why did you buy pre-distressed/stained jeans if it bothers you?Maybe instead of being bothered by the fact that they're stained you can enjoy not having to worry about ever accidentally staining them yourself since they are already.I've actually gotten paint stains out of an RL shirt I owned. I meticulously got out each dot using paint thinner. It was completely gone and unnoticeable. Oil stains you could try dish detergent. Like others have said you might end up with...
Did RL send anyone the wrong item during the employee code leak? One of my shirts was wrong so I put on the return form to send the correct item but I only got an email for the refund for the items I returned. Do they usually send another shipping notification and invoice once they send the correct item?
Mr. Rogers is a style icon. This is a shot in the dark, but I'm interested in trading the dark brown version of these braces for the beige ones if anyone is interested. The brown ones have some cool metal and leather details.
Fit looks good but too short if you plan on wearing uncuffed. I hate that sensation of the pants going into your shoe as it's doing in the last pic.
Hi, this listing is for a official crewneck for Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. Fits like a small/xs. Had the sleeves taken in professionally by a tailor so it's more slim fitting. Only worn a few times so it's in LIKE NEW condition. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! Measurements: 20.5" Pit to pit 25" Length 25" Shoulder seam to cuff
Shaving soap, does it really make much difference from using regular hand soap?
I'm pretty sure he's referring to artists not a house painter tradesman.
Price drop!
As ridiculous as a $400 apron is, that one is pretty cool looking. And yeah I think it's supposed to be a painter's apron which would go with the theme they've had going for spring.
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