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Is the difference that major? Even with the stretching after wear?
Hi, selling this pair of used Trafalgar braces. Good condition. 1.5" width. Gold clips. Adjustable, one size should fit most. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
Looks great to me!
Sounds dope. Can't wait to see pics. Wouldn't the wax potentially rub off on your shirt if it was worn with the wax side in?
Nice creases/fades! How old is this pair and how many washes have you done?
^That's what I was looking for. Thanks for the info.Part of the reason I was so curious about it was because I was seeing if there was a possible option in slimming down my wardrobe ever so slightly by having one less navy jacket. Thanks everyone for saving me from the faux pas. I think I have a newfound appreciation for my stand-alone navy blazer.
Hahaha. I guess Gant retains some level of trad/preppy heritage. I feel you in that regard. It seems like the models these days are getting more and more ridiculous.I see you guys are all saying it's a fashion "don't" to wear a suit with gold buttons, but why is it bad exactly? What is the origin of the navy jacket with gold buttons style that makes it regarded most of the time as a stand alone piece anyway?
I don't understand. Aren't you contradicting yourself? You're saying gold buttons don't go with a navy suit, but gold would go best with navy?I believe Gant Rugger purposefully makes the length of their pieces shorter than traditional suits with the intention of being more fashion forward. A la Thom Browne or something.
Haha.So blazers with gold buttons are only ever sold as stand alone pieces? I could have sworn I've seen them sold as a full suit before.This brand isn't the most traditional but they appear to be selling a gold button suit:http://us.gant.com/the-hopsack-navy
Are navy jackets with gold buttons ever worn or made as a full suit? I seem to only ever see them paired with contrasting chinos or trousers.
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