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Vintage sailor sweater manufactured in USA by Naval Clothing Factory. I estimate this to be 1930's or 1940's era. 100% Wool. Tag has fallen off. Outer and inner pocket. Anchor buttons at cuffs. Fits like an extra small. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! Measurements: 25" back collar seam to bottom 17" shoulder to shoulder 21" pit to pit 17" across waist 18" across bottom 25.5" shoulder to cuff 20.5" pit to cuff
Price drop!
Good condition, broken in with slight fraying and some hardly visible marks. Marked 28 x 30. Slim Fit. I had some customizations done by a tailor. Buttons swapped with coconut shell buttons and buttons for braces added. Extra stitching added to the fly area to re-enforce it and prevent fraying. Includes extra buttons and original tag. Thanks for looking! Measurements: (B.I.G. Method) 16.5" Across waist 9" Front rise 14.5" Back rise 31" Inseam 11" Upper thigh 8.25" Knee 7"...
As the owner of said jacket, it comes off as insulting. There are ways to post that teeter on the edge of appropriateness. Ultimately it's at the discretion of the mods what constitutes abusive of offensive posting to other users.If none of the buttons were functional it would obviously be a cheaper jacket with non-functional button cuffs. The other buttons are functional, so I was curious if there was a possible reason for the third one still being closed.
Is there a particular reason you want a breton-style shirt made of silk? That style is extremely common and there are tons of them every year when the warmer seasons role around. They're traditionally made of cotton, the original french naval shirts were made of a particularly rough and dense cotton.I have a hunch one of the Ralph Lauren labels would make a breton shirt in a more luxurious fabric. Possibly black or purple label. It might retail at a similar price point as...
My question wasn't about the coloring of the buttonhole. Why isn't it open like the rest, am I supposed to open it myself?And no, his answer wasn't simple and straightforward. You're reply was simple and straightforward. He felt the need to point out repeatedly how cheap and tasteless the style was (thus implying I'm cheap and tasteless) and how awful another part of the cuff was that I didn't ask about. You can answer questions or give style advice without being insulting...
It's hard to figure out what you're saying through the pointlessly insulting e-fashionista douchebaggery.If I'm deciphering correctly, you're saying a contrasting buttonhole thread is a pretend show of being a made to measure/bespoke suit. That doesn't answer my question as to why the other buttonholes would be functional except the third one. Is it supposed to be punctured like stitched pockets and vents on a new suit? I had a thought it might be to allow for sleeve...
Can someone provide some insight as to why some jackets have a false third buttonhole on the cuffs?
Damn, someone beat me to the only shirt I wanted. Anyone know another store carrying the sake crests shirt?
Kind of a "prep" staple but most would probably find it too jarring.What also might turn people off is it's a patchwork print and not actual patchwork fabric.
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