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I don't understand. Aren't you contradicting yourself? You're saying gold buttons don't go with a navy suit, but gold would go best with navy?I believe Gant Rugger purposefully makes the length of their pieces shorter than traditional suits with the intention of being more fashion forward. A la Thom Browne or something.
Haha.So blazers with gold buttons are only ever sold as stand alone pieces? I could have sworn I've seen them sold as a full suit before.This brand isn't the most traditional but they appear to be selling a gold button suit:http://us.gant.com/the-hopsack-navy
Are navy jackets with gold buttons ever worn or made as a full suit? I seem to only ever see them paired with contrasting chinos or trousers.
Price drop!
Wah? If anything he exemplifies a good body type for slim fit.I like the look, very mod or original skinhead or something with the Fred Perry polo and heavy boots.
Some cool Kapital/45rpm style indigo pieces from RL blue label.
Hi, selling this unique Topman henley shirt with colorful ringer style. Excellent condition. Light summer weight. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! Measurements: Pit to pit 18" Top to bottom 24.5" Shoulder to shoulder 16.5"
I find that brand runs big. I'm normally a size small and I'm and slim fit XS (3?) for Lacoste Live shirts.
If my memory serves me South Willard is known for carrying the shorter collar versions.
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