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I bought one of the liberty x unionmade x gitman collaborations and found the same exact fabric as a pocket square at J crew. I ended up buying the pocket square because it matched.
price drop!
Levis Vintage Clothing, Wallace and Barnes
What size is the suit? I think what matters more is how skinny are you. If you are very skinny then a skinny suit will look well fitting on you.Also, in the picture that suit looks iridescent like a sharkskin suit. I think a more matte navy or grey suit is considered more acceptable for an interview or business environment.
I'm not familiar with the brand or that jacket to know how it's supposed to look. I would normally say it's too tight but it looks like it's meant to be extremely form fitting. And the sleeves are still coming down way past your wrists.
Actually that is why I liked it originally. I love mod style but I'm a brand loyalist to the original "Polo" shirt brand Lacoste.I guess I'll just leave it alone.
You're coming at a good time since a lot of store will be having their after holiday/after new year sales and moving a lot of product into sales.I don't know anything about your style or budget but I'm sure there will be deals to be had at whatever stores you normally like.
Derp. I guess I just by the clothes for the specific pieces themselves so I was curious what "lifestyle" people were buying into.I meant to write "lifestyle" in that first post in response to someone else. Is anyone here an actual or aspiring tradesman, railroad foreman, or cowboy who buys RRL because it fits their lifestyle? I buy RRL pieces for the garments themselves and never thought I was presenting a certain lifestyle. I also don't wear RRL exclusively though.
Brand new with tags 28 x 32 Olive Slim fit jeans from RRL. Fantastic pair with a unique dusty olive finish and distressing. Thanks for looking! Measurements: (B.I.G. Method) 15.5" Across waist 9" Front rise 13.5" Back rise 34" Inseam 10.5" Upper thigh 7.5" Knee 7" Leg opening
Aesthetic/details and quality. Also, I don't mean to sound condescending if it sounds that way, but what lifestyle is RRL selling specifically?
New Posts  All Forums: