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Does anyone know if this myhabit shirt is oxford or poplin cloth? http://www.myhabit.com/homepage?rts=1402618981095#page=d&dept=men&sale=A2MORFNIDXOH68&asin=B00HFAB5L6&cAsin=B00HFAB606&qid=1405071265&sindex=4&ref=qd_men_sr_1_4
Judging from your avatar, are you perhaps a cigar smoker? Might be the source of some yellowing..
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Hardly noticeable. Looks more like a scratch than a hole. I wouldn't worry about it.
Ugh, I guess it's just the usual Gitman sizing being all over the place. I usually find the S/S pieces to be roomier than the F/W but this wasn't the case for the shirt I bought. Thanks for the input guys.
Do Opening Ceremony X Gitman Vintage shirts fit slimmer as a rule? Had to return one from Myhabit because my usual size was skin tight around the waist.
I'm tempted to swap the buttons on this 80's era RL blazer I own. I feel like it will make it have more of the traditional navy blazer look. However I'm also of the mindset "if it ain't broke don't fix it". The gold buttons are RL as well. Would be great to hear some additional opinions from you guys.
I love liberty london fabrics. Wasn't particularly impressed with the unionmade x gbv x liberty london pieces though.
Great batch of flicks. You really capture the RRL aesthetic. Do you exclusively wear RRL and/or RL?
Quick question. What would be the ideal pattern braces to wear with shirt similar to this pattern (blue and white vertical stripes). I own three pairs of braces. One vertical navy and maroon, one light beige geometric "indian" pattern, and one solid black. What would be the most ideal and are any of the ones I own acceptable?
New Posts  All Forums: