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I've been wearing my canvas clyde chinos a few times a week since the fall and I feel like they're not getting any fades. Do they really show fades once you wash them for the first time?Also, is there any additional discount on sale items going on in store?
Price drop!
Brand new with tag! This shirt is branded "Gitman Bros" but it's nearly identical to Gitman Brothers Vintage, only differing in having a structured placket and collar. Thanks for looking! Measurements: 19" pit to pit 17 3/4" across shoulders 26 1/2" front length 32" back length
I'm on the slim/skinny side. One thing that helps me with fit is I usually buy a size down or two with pants that have extra material to let out in the waist. They are too small for me off the rack but once I let out the waist with my tailor they fit and are slim all over.
Brand new with tags and suit bag. $298 MSRP. 100% cotton 3 loom Japanese seersucker. A bit too small on me. Thanks for looking! Measurements: 17 1/2" across shoulders 19 1/2" pit to pit 29 1/4" back length 24 1/2" shoulder to cuff 17" pit to cuff 17 3/4" pit to bottom
Yeah I bought the raw slim straight in 28 but I need a 29 or 30. They didn't stretch as much as I thought they would. I used to have a pair of raw slim fits in 28 that fit perfectly.
Were the slim straights just a temporary/seasonal fit? They don't seem to be available anymore. I bought a size 28 but I need to size up.
Brand new in box. $20 MSRP. Sold out style! 10 7/8"L x 11/16"W (18mm) Thanks for looking!
Brand new with tags! $64.50 MSRP 100% Cotton Thanks for looking! Measurements: 20" pit to pit 17 3/4" across shoulders 26 1/2" front length 30 1/2" back length 25 1/2" shoulder to cuff 21 1/4" pit to cuff
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