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Brand new with tags. $64.50 MSRP Lightweight cotton in signature "secret wash". Thanks for looking! Measurements: 19.5" pit to pit 17" shoulder to Shoulder 25" shoulder to cuff 21" pit to cuff 26.5" front length 30" back length
Great condition. Mother of pearl buttons. 100% super soft cotton. $148 MSRP. Thanks for looking! Measurements: 21" pit to pit 18" shoulder to shoulder 26" shoulder to cuff 21" pit to cuff 26.75" front length 31" back length
Great condition. Measures 2 1/4" width. Composed of 32% silk and 68% wool Thanks for looking!
Excellent condition. Measures 2 1/4" width. Made of 45% linen, 30% wool, and 25% Poly. Thanks for looking!
Price drop!
Hey NAMOR, what do you plan on doing these? Are you going to get them repaired or still wear them? If you're not I'll take them off your hands. I collect fabric and other material for clothing projects.
Hey, I don't mean this in a derogatory way in the least, but I'm genuinely curious how you decide what to wear with so many options? I have one clothing rack of clothes and I find it hard deciding. I can't imagine having so much to wear! I feel like certain things would end up getting worn a lot while the rest collects dust (that even happens with my paltry clothing closet).
Brand new with tags. $228 MSRP. Indigo dyed Japanese chambray. Completely unstructured so the style is more casual. It's too big for me and I bought it final sale so I can't return it. Fits like a 38R. Very similar style to Apolis, RRL, 45rpm, Kapital etc. Measurements: 20.5" pit to pit 18" shoulder to shoulder 31" overall length 26" sleeve length 18" pit to cuff 18.5" pit to bottom of jacket
Price drop!
Thanks! I'm always debating keeping it or not. My minimalism makes me inclined to sell it since it's not going to get too much wear but I love the pattern. I sometimes wrap gifts to friends with escort pages from the newspaper so it's very me haha.Also, I'm 5' 8" myself which is probably why the collars look a little big on me.
New Posts  All Forums: