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Price drop!
Could you share or PM me some of those?
It's not really self-consciousness, I wear some pretty loud prints on occasion. Those patterns and colors together just seemed a little too "busy" for my own taste.A little disappointing to learn it's a print. That takes away the appeal for me. I love patchwork style but I think I'd rather make one myself instead of getting a faux-patchwork shirt or paying an astronomic price for a designer piece. I have a pair of chinos that have slowly turned into a patchwork style...
Yeah, you're right. Looks like he's wearing a quilt. I think the fabrics used should match more so it's not so loud. Here's an example of patchwork done right IMO:
I went to a party a few months back and when I arrived my friend asked me if I was running a speakeasy. (Grey striped RRL pants, white button down, RRL braces, black boots)I feel a little costume-y sometimes but I love RRL so I still wear it. I think when one is decked out head to toe in period pieces is when one starts to look like they're wearing a costume.
I'm not familiar with Freewheelers, but I think the price is more justified with Mr. Freedom in terms of the quality and labor that went into making a piece. Not necessarily about which is the cheapest. I think that was his point.I don't think the construction of RRL is any better than POLO or Rugby. (Excluding suits or some limited edition pieces) I bet they're all made in the same factory in China on the same machines. I've had buttons comes come off and seems come...
Oh man, loving the latest iteration of the "Clyde" trousers. Looks like a combination of the best aspects of the Clyde and Officer Chinos IMO. These are definitely too heavy to be warn in the summertime right? Also, this might be an odd question but are the suspender rivets flat enough that these can be worn comfortably with a belt? I used to have some RRL denim with suspender rivets and I could feel them poking my waist when I had a belt on.
What do you guys think of this shirt from F/W? I like brands like Kapital and RRL for their patchwork style pieces. I can't decide if the colors and prints clash a little bit too much on this shirt though.
No, it reminded me of a shirt RRL enthusiast Julien Landa fashioned recently.http://julienlanda.tumblr.com/And no that wasn't helpful. I was asking about the sizing.Stay classy.
Thanks! Super helpful as usual.
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