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I can personally vouch for user @cchen. Fantastic experience getting a pair of raw chinos from HK that were sold out here.
Denim & Supply once again giving RRL a run for it's money. That is until I saw it's priced like an RRL piece. Nevertheless I'm really digging it.
Quoddy Horween Chromexcel Penny Loafer with campmoc gumsole. $250 MSRP Good pre-owned condition. Includes Quoddy shoe bag. Made in USA. Measures 11.5" length. Thanks for looking!
Pics would be much appreciated. I bought a pair of slim straights back in December and I haven't washed them yet. I only wear jeans about once a month though. I'm curious to see the appearance of a machine wash versus a soak.
Price drop!
Thanks!Price drop!
I think they're good quality. However on many shirts I've had the buttons have fallen off or the threading for the buttons will come undone. Only issue I've noticed.
Would wearing deep navy velvet slippers with a black velvet jacket be clashing too much? For general wear and specifically for a formal event?
Speaking of which, is there any store that carries GBV suits or jackets in 36? I've only seen 38 and up.
Price drop!
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