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I love liberty london fabrics. Wasn't particularly impressed with the unionmade x gbv x liberty london pieces though.
Great batch of flicks. You really capture the RRL aesthetic. Do you exclusively wear RRL and/or RL?
Quick question. What would be the ideal pattern braces to wear with shirt similar to this pattern (blue and white vertical stripes). I own three pairs of braces. One vertical navy and maroon, one light beige geometric "indian" pattern, and one solid black. What would be the most ideal and are any of the ones I own acceptable?
I'm not sure how ATL compares to NYC but humidity plays a big part too. I feel you though, there's only so much you can do. Even if there is no truly "summer" shirt, an oxford versus a light cotton or linen can make a huge difference on a hot day. Just wanted to share the seersucker wasn't as lightweight as I'd hoped it would be. Gitman still makes great seersuckers in their own right though. I had the blue and white with bolder stripes than the traditional seersucker...
I suppose it's all subjective. I just found the seersucker shirt I used to own unsuitable for 80-90+ degree summer weather in NYC. I now have a RRL shirt that looks very similar buts noticeably cooler.I considered summer fabrics to be lightweight cotton or linen that's thin enough to be breezy not to the point of being see-through. Everyone is different though and has a different tolerance for heat and fabrics.
It's just the cycle of retail clothing. Once stock isn't sold from the first stores that carry it, it moves to discount stores, and then to sample sales, etc. The final destination is sometimes sent to third world countries or destroyed.http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2010/01/07/why_hm_destroys_unsold_clothes.html
Haven't handled that shirt specifically but I found the Gitman seersucker disappointing because it wasn't nearly as lightweight and summery as I was expecting it to be. Has anyone handled any Gitman Seersuckers that are a true light summer weight?
I find buttons popping off to happen to me across all brands. More-so with the cheaper ones. Maybe I'm wearing smaller sizes than I should, haha.I find Gitman fits better when I'm at my most fit but can be uncomfortable when I'm getting lazy. I almost never pay full retail and I think you shouldn't write off the brand entirely but if you feel strongly about it then I understand. I'll be sure to check out United Stock Dry Goods based on your recommendation.
Is the difference that major? Even with the stretching after wear?
Hi, selling this pair of used Trafalgar braces. Good condition. 1.5" width. Gold clips. Adjustable, one size should fit most. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
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