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I hate when companies do that. What's the point of making it short sleeve if it's gonna be super heavy or rough material? The reason I'm apprehensive about the banana shirt was because I used to own a plain white gitman short sleeve shirt and I found it too itchy/hot.
It's all good. Nothing beats touching the fabric yourself so I was hoping for a firsthand account. Someone earlier said it was surprisingly heavy.The live chat was actually very helpful, thanks for the tip!"yes, the Oxford material is a crisp cottonit's not super thin but it is a nicely weighted dress-shirt fabric, if that makes sense?it's not like a canvas or anythingno problem! i think it should do fine in hot weather"
Sure, there are no grounds but that doesn't mean making a stink won't work. I think it's definitely worth a try. Many people have gotten things done for them after calling RL and complaining enough.I really wonder what the selection process was. Sounds like certain items made a difference. I also wonder if your purchase history made a difference, most of the time I order from RL I end up returning half of it.For the record I ordered 2 RRL and 3 RL pieces.
Got the same email about my order being delayed 3-10 days and I can cancel my purchase if I'd like to. HA! Are they hoping some people will be impatient and cancel?
So has anyone handled the Banana shirt? Is the oxford material too hot to wear in the summer?
I've learned never to use the prepaid USPS shipping labels if one wants a speedy return or exchange. It's some special return service and it takes forever. You're better off paying the postage yourself unless it's a heavy parcel.
Ah, thanks. Didn't see the Avirex logo. That kinda makes it lose its charm.
I found another very RRL style aviator jacket in a local vintage shop. Does anyone have more info on these? Did each squadron have it's own design or did people get them painted personally?
You must have never watched "Extreme Couponing". I'm sure they stockpiled non-perishables like these folks.
If it's any solace, the corporations like Wal-Mart etc ended up fitting the bill.http://theadvocate.com/home/7320109-125/state-taxpayers-dont-have-toAlso, it's food, it was gonna get bought and eaten by people on the dole anyway. It's not like there are food resellers flipping doritos on ebay.Maybe I spoke too soon.http://www.ebay.com/itm/DORITOS-ZESTY-CHEESE-CHIPS-24-x-260g-BAGS-/230383204221?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35a3e8b77dIs that you RRL Clothing?
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