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I'm on the slim/skinny side. One thing that helps me with fit is I usually buy a size down or two with pants that have extra material to let out in the waist. They are too small for me off the rack but once I let out the waist with my tailor they fit and are slim all over.
Brand new with tags and suit bag. $298 MSRP. 100% cotton 3 loom Japanese seersucker. A bit too small on me. Thanks for looking! Measurements: 17 1/2" across shoulders 19 1/2" pit to pit 29 1/4" back length 24 1/2" shoulder to cuff 17" pit to cuff 17 3/4" pit to bottom
Yeah I bought the raw slim straight in 28 but I need a 29 or 30. They didn't stretch as much as I thought they would. I used to have a pair of raw slim fits in 28 that fit perfectly.
Were the slim straights just a temporary/seasonal fit? They don't seem to be available anymore. I bought a size 28 but I need to size up.
Brand new in box. $20 MSRP. Sold out style! 10 7/8"L x 11/16"W (18mm) Thanks for looking!
Brand new with tags! $64.50 MSRP 100% Cotton Thanks for looking! Measurements: 20" pit to pit 17 3/4" across shoulders 26 1/2" front length 30 1/2" back length 25 1/2" shoulder to cuff 21 1/4" pit to cuff
Brand new with tags! $69.50 MSRP Made of a 100% hearty lambswool. Thanks for looking! Measurements: 17 1/2" pit to pit 14" across shoulders 21" front length 26 1/2" back length 18 1/2" pit to cuff
Price drop!
Price drop!
Brand new with tags! $75.00 MSRP. Thanks for looking! Measurements: (B.I.G. Method) 15 1/4" across waist 9 1/4" front rise 15" back rise 31 1/2" inseam 10" upper thigh 8 1/4" knee 7 1/8" leg opening
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