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Is the RRL version of this shoe any better than Vans or Keds? I've gone through so many pairs of this type of shoe because my wide feet always end up tearing through the side.
Yeah, this type of biker.Can't imagine many actual bikers buying $1,200 luxury leather slim fit pants from Ralph Lauren.
I know people into leather but it's usually in the S&M scene. All the power to you man.
I thought leather pants were a fashion NEVER. No offense quaaludes
Most people have commented that the quality of the denim isn't as good but I haven't read anything yet about the sizing being different.
Hi, selling this pair of Oliver Peoples frames in tortoise and metal. They are true vintage and I've had some repairs done to them. The nose pieces have been replaced with new ones and they had some cleaning done. They are in good condition and priced to sell. These are around $600 MSRP. I'm pretty sure these only came in one size with a size 47mm lens. Thanks for looking!
Hi, selling this 20 pack of studs I purchased from studsandspikes.com and ended up not needing. They are very high quality and much better than the cheap ones from China on ebay. $8 shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
He's seen it happen countless times firsthand i.e. his friend told him.
It's really only one person who ignites the bitch fest time and again. It was so peaceful for a while. Sigh
I'm surprised no one was suspicious considering his name alone alludes to theft. Johnny "5 fingers" as in 5 finger discount?
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