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Price drop!
Good to know. Now I'm tempted to pick it up once it goes on sale so I've bookmarked it.I have no idea why it was so rough especially considering it was a summer item. Maybe there was something else in it besides cotton and linen, I can't remember. It felt like a burlap sack.
Like you said my tailor usually warns me of such matters, but I wasn't sure if buying a pair of pants that was 1" larger than my size was safe. Thanks for the info!
It looks gorgeous. I noticed it is a cotton/linen blend. How does the fabric feel?I bought a military style RL shirt last year that was a similar blend and the texture was really rough for some reason and I ended up returning it.
Lots of info and pics in this thread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/235525/official-blake-x-r-l-officer-chino-contest/0_100I think the longest you can go without washing them or letting them succumb to crotch rot the better. I personally found the 10 oz version I had too heavy and rough but I believe there is a lighter and softer version. NAMOR can probably give you the better advice on this.
Some suit jackets were briefly listed on the site and then taken down. I'm not sure why they don't list RRL suits online.
That white shirt doesn't appear to be on the site. Does it have french cuffs? I'm after a good tuxedo shirt that I can use with a detachable collar.
The penmanship is awful.
I think loafers in general have a looser fit. I had the same problem with my heel slipping out on hard soled loafers but it's not as much of an issue on a camp moc sole quoddy loafers I have. I think the shape of the shoe starts to bend and makes them stay on your feet a little better. You might want to try loafers with a soft sole if it fits your style.Also, most convenience stores like CVS have heel inserts that stick to the inside of ones shoes to help with that issue.
I find the fit to be perfect for my proportions. I used to own a similar Gitman Vintage shirt with a star print but it was a little too slim on me and hard to keep tucked in. Love the Star Iron a lot more.Measurements on my size small star iron:19.5" Pit to pit26" Front Length29" Back Length16.7" Shoulder to shoulder20.5" Armpit to cuff25" Shoulder to cuff
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