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They just added a discount for every $100-$200-$500 you spend so I imagine a full on sale to be coming very soon.
I don't think it's really an issue if an employee buys one or two pieces to hook up a friend from the forum. I appreciate the gesture that they're willing to share their employee discount. Shows how much of a little community this thread has created. I don't think the people here are spending their whole paychecks on RL and trying to flip it on here.
@spudnik99 As I predicted, they have released another Aran style sweater that looks just like that watch cap.It's pretty nice too. I might pick this one up myself.http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=31222876There's also a pullover:http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=25061886
Looks like a blue version of the sweater Freddy Krueger wears. I love indigo stuff but I don't find this piece particularly impressive. Don't like boat necks either.Of all the indigo pieces this spring, this popover shirt from main line RL caught my eye.
Price drop!
Does the invite stipulate the dress code? Is it in the daytime? A madras jacket might also work.
Hi, selling my copy of this book. Gently read through. Excellent/Like new condition with slight scuffing on the the back of the dust jacket. One of the best books on all aspects of menswear and lifestyle. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! From amazon: "Review Now available in a newly updated edition, GENTLEMAN: A TIMELESS GUIDE TO FASHION, is like having the best features from the pages of ESQUIRE, GQ and the like all collected into one hefty, Handsome...
Clint Eastwood approves
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