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So has anyone handled the Banana shirt? Is the oxford material too hot to wear in the summer?
I've learned never to use the prepaid USPS shipping labels if one wants a speedy return or exchange. It's some special return service and it takes forever. You're better off paying the postage yourself unless it's a heavy parcel.
Ah, thanks. Didn't see the Avirex logo. That kinda makes it lose its charm.
I found another very RRL style aviator jacket in a local vintage shop. Does anyone have more info on these? Did each squadron have it's own design or did people get them painted personally?
You must have never watched "Extreme Couponing". I'm sure they stockpiled non-perishables like these folks.
If it's any solace, the corporations like Wal-Mart etc ended up fitting the bill., it's food, it was gonna get bought and eaten by people on the dole anyway. It's not like there are food resellers flipping doritos on ebay.Maybe I spoke too soon. that you RRL Clothing?
As I suspected, you get greedy in life you get caught:"But, a source inside the company said if customers selected overnight shipping and their order hasn’t yet been canceled, it will probably be delivered. The retailer is assessing the validity of orders for standard delivery, with special scrutiny on those totaling more than $800, said this person, who spoke to BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity. It’s honored the majority of purchases — which number in the thousands...
There is one called Woodbury Commons somewhat near NYC. Some other users posted pics of their stock a few pages back in this thread.
I post on a travel forum as well as this one and there recently was a glitch giving out roundtrip CONUS tickets for $50 or so and the airline honored them.There was also a story in the news about a glitch in the foods stamps system giving unlimited funds for recipients in some state. People were cleaning out supermarkets and it was all honored. You'd be surprised what big corporations let fly to keep customers happy.
The code wasn't a big secret and I found it in 2 seconds. Thanks to the OP for mentioning it. I think a lot of resellers here are actually more generous than they have to be concerning info about outlets and tactics. I think if there is any ill will it should be directed at those who only post in this thread to try and flip any piece they get from eBay before they even receive the item. Or the users who do nothing but troll the thread and insult people. Not gonna name...
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