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Can anyone give me an idea of how warm the Barbour jackets are that have the built in "quilt" style padding/lining. I know the regular Barbour jackets are really only good for Fall weather but are the quilted ones more suitable for winter?
My original point was about resellers and the popularity of the shirt. I'm not going to be surprised when denim_vault or another user has 15 pieces of this seasons version of the shirt in a few months.
Are we not talking the same shirt?Looks the same to me:http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=21685516http://www.ebay.com/itm/POLO-RALPH-LAUREN-INDIGO-BORO-PATCHWORK-PRINTED-DOBBY-WABASH-STIFEL-SHIRT-325-/221309479903?pt=US_CSA_MC_Shirts&var=520189110382&hash=item338712abdf
And how many of those sales were just to resellers? There is one seller alone who has 11 pieces on ebay.
I don't think the patchwork is that impressive to justify the price even at $150. It's just like the patchwork madras shirts they sell in the summer which don't cost nearly as much. You're really paying for the indigo and bleaching treatment.
Just because they aren't RRL branded doesn't mean they don't have the RRL aesthetic. They look similar to the Bowery boots. Though I agree, not my cup of tea but if you like em get em. I think $108-$145 are both way too high for those boots in the condition they appear to be in.Haha, I didn't notice the mismatched soles. Very odd.
The website doesn't do it justice.However I still like the one RRL made better with uneven/asymmetrical patches. Whole 'nother level.
They look good. I personally don't like pony logos on anywhere other than the polo shirts. If you don't care about that then go for it.
Price drop!
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