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Oh yeah, I figured the prices were astronomical when the prices were listed as "inquire" or something like that. I think it has some good interviews with different types of collectors and some great flicks of vintage RL though.
I'd say the price of sweaters hovers around the $500-800 range but otherwise I agree with you. (The "serape" cardigan from this past season comes to mind) I'm surprised at those prices. Seems like RRL has gone a lot down in price since it's inception as Polo Country with inflation in mind.Have you seen the RL Vintage site that was launch last year? It has really great pics of vintage pieces and info about the brand and might satisfy some of your archival...
She's also selling two industrial carpet/floor cleaners. I'm going to take a guess and say she's an immigrant to this country with a connection to cheap knockoffs from home. I've encountered my fair share of bootleggers. This will probably become more common as RRL becomes more mainstream unfortunately.
Those all look super fake. (S)he also sold this "RRL" gem:I feel bad for the poor buyers who won't know any better.
Stacking, as in using more than one discount at once. Apparently within some time frame you could get the 25/50/150 discount off along with using a coupon code discount. Probably for a brief time before the former ended.I wouldn't stress it. You already got a good deal I assume so why worry about a few extra bucks you off you could have gotten during a glitch.
In my experience only a few days with standard shipping, the economy shipping can take over a week.
That's crazy. The soul of your shirt must have revived the MIC debate!Color me jealous. I need a good club collar shirt. Most of the ones RL releases have contrasting collars which I'm not into.
Unionmade just started their winter sale. Lots of great pieces if they have your size left.
Price drop!
How do the letter sizes on the Ashby correspond with usual sizing on the Bedale? Would a S be a 34 for example?
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