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Definitely too much break. I only hem suit pants I want to fit perfectly. Chinos are casual enough where I think you can get away with just cuffing them.
Have you tried taking in the waist or shrinking in the dryer a size 29 or 30?
No problem. I'm sure H&M probably has something closest to Uniqlo. However as a purely functional item of clothing for warmth I'd recommend LL Bean. I have a pair of Uniqlo Heat Tech thermals and LL thermals and the latter is worlds warmer. I use the heat tech's for mild cold weather.
LL Bean. They've got all different weight/warmths and are pretty cheap. There are always coupon codes and free shipping.
Have you guys seen it in person? I only get a few items when I search "Artist" on the site.
I noticed a new version of this cowichan style sweater on the site. Do you all find there is much of a difference in quality between blue label and RRL?
Minimalist/wannabe minimalist here. I'm always trying to chip away at my wardrobe and only buy something new if it's an improvement that will replace something I already own. I still have a few items I can't get myself to part with even though they are hardly worn.There is some good to having unworn clothes. They'll look nice and crisp the few times you break them out.
Talking about the lack of productivity in talking about arguing. This is getting too meta. Does anyone know why RRL suits are not available online?
Price drop!
Good to know. Now I'm tempted to pick it up once it goes on sale so I've bookmarked it.I have no idea why it was so rough especially considering it was a summer item. Maybe there was something else in it besides cotton and linen, I can't remember. It felt like a burlap sack.
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