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I post on a travel forum as well as this one and there recently was a glitch giving out roundtrip CONUS tickets for $50 or so and the airline honored them.There was also a story in the news about a glitch in the foods stamps system giving unlimited funds for recipients in some state. People were cleaning out supermarkets and it was all honored. You'd be surprised what big corporations let fly to keep customers happy.
The code wasn't a big secret and I found it in 2 seconds. Thanks to the OP for mentioning it. I think a lot of resellers here are actually more generous than they have to be concerning info about outlets and tactics. I think if there is any ill will it should be directed at those who only post in this thread to try and flip any piece they get from eBay before they even receive the item. Or the users who do nothing but troll the thread and insult people. Not gonna name...
Stop ruining it for the little people!I placed an order of a few pieces I've had bookmarked. Fingers crossed.
Wouldn't selvedge theoretically prevent fraying compared to an overlock stitch?
Maybe selvedge adds durability. I'd be curious to know from someone who has owned RRL and Vans/Keds.I had a pair of navy keds that turned into a light grey/light purple color wearing them in the summer and at the beach. I don't think that's anything special about them. That's just sun fading. Good salesmanship from that SA.
Emphasis on slim fit from Ralph Lauren..
Is the RRL version of this shoe any better than Vans or Keds? I've gone through so many pairs of this type of shoe because my wide feet always end up tearing through the side.
Yeah, this type of biker.Can't imagine many actual bikers buying $1,200 luxury leather slim fit pants from Ralph Lauren.
I know people into leather but it's usually in the S&M scene. All the power to you man.
I thought leather pants were a fashion NEVER. No offense quaaludes
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