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Hi, selling this pair of RRL jeans. I wore these once for a short time so they are in basically brand new condition. They didn't stretch out as much as I was expecting so I have to part with them. Typical RRL quality with heavy selvedge denim. Retails for $280. These are same ones on the website except these are the version from last year with superior Japanese denim before they switched to inferior Cone Denim they've started using. Thanks for...
Hi, selling this vintage tie. Very Mad Men style. No brand or material tag. All over dots with a stripe and diamond pattern. Measures 2 1/8th inch at widest point and 54 1/2 inch length. Thanks for looking!
I was disappointed to find that the rise was only .5" higher on the slim straights over the slim fits I own.
Price drop!
Is there any consensus or top pics for the best t-shirt/undershirt? I'm looking for a really really lightweight T for use as an undershirt and so far the best I've found is the "summer" t-shirt from american apparel. The texture is right in terms of it's softness but it's not as lightweight as I would like. I'm looking for one that is even a little transparent because it's so thin. Can anyone give me any recommendations?
I think varsity jackets used to be more like sweaters initially. The later ones started using leather sleeves. The description states it's a 1930's era varsity.RRL has done a few with leather sleeves as well which are quite nice.There's currently a listing for that second one on ebay in size Large.
The basic design of that varsity jacket has been repeated many times by RRL. First impressions in this thread stated this seasons version looks better than last seasons which was a light brown color and had a circular patch with an indian head in it.I had a particular interest in the piece because I always wanted a varsity jacket. I like that RRL's version is an even more old fashioned style with patch pockets and buttons as opposed to slit pockets and a zipper or snap...
I'm surprised a jacket with two symbols of bad luck was so popular.
Dixon jacket sold out with the quickness.
Yeah the fit is awful on the J Press version. I was more curious about the pilling/fuzziness of the knit. Is it the same style?I didn't realize there was a York street version. It doesn't look very "shaggy" from the pictures.
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