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So does anyone have suggestions on how I should fix crotch blow out on my pair of raw Clyde chinos? I'll post fit and fade pics after I fix them.
I don't have experience with this RRL pair but I owned a regular POLO pair made by Allen Edmonds. It was one of the nicest shoes I've handled. I try to keep a minimalist wardrobe so I sold them but I wish I hadn't. I only imagine the RRL pair are the same or even better.
How effective would a down jacket with a waxed cotton outer shell be against snow and the elements? I'm interested in a down winter jacket that has oilcloth fabric like a barbour jacket but I'm a little skeptical it will hold up against blizzard/snow/rain in NYC. Are modern synthetic fibers the best way to go despite my love for old fashioned details?
One my favorite pants, the raw Clydes from a few seasons ago has a crotch blow-out. Well, actually I think it just torn at the crotch because I gained some weight and was stretching. Any suggestions on the best way to to patch or fix these up that's aesthetically pleasing and most durable? Thanks.
Has anyone seen the Gitman Bananas shirt for sale somewhere since it came out? Waiting for the day one pops up on fleabay.
Does anyone have any tips for cleaning the leather insole on a pair of boat shoes? I have a pair of Quoddy boat shoes I wear without socks and the inside has become a bit dirty and it seems like the dirt is stuck to the leather. Does anyone have any tips for cleaning the leather insole without damaging it? Will I have to just get a new insole, either myself or from Quoddy?
Worn once and washed cold and hung to dry. $36 MSRP. Style number C5377. Measurements laying flat 19 1/4" pit to pit 21 1/4" front length 26" Back length Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! "PRODUCT DETAILS Inspired by surf styles from the '60s and made from soft textured cotton, this tank top is the final ingredient in a recipe for a relaxed, easy summer. Cotton. Rib trim at neck and cuffs. Machine wash. Import."
J. Crew tends to use Seersucker a lot in the summer months. Don't know about that color though.
Honestly I would love to own that jacket too.It pains me to hear that it might go to a tailor.If it ain't broke don't fix it!Did you consider if you have a little room you can use that space for layering?And as mentioned before, please post pics!
Price drop!
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