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Wah? If anything he exemplifies a good body type for slim fit.I like the look, very mod or original skinhead or something with the Fred Perry polo and heavy boots.
Some cool Kapital/45rpm style indigo pieces from RL blue label.
Hi, selling this unique Topman henley shirt with colorful ringer style. Excellent condition. Light summer weight. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! Measurements: Pit to pit 18" Top to bottom 24.5" Shoulder to shoulder 16.5"
I find that brand runs big. I'm normally a size small and I'm and slim fit XS (3?) for Lacoste Live shirts.
If my memory serves me South Willard is known for carrying the shorter collar versions.
I would personally deem them so but to each his own. They are in line with what the standard rise seems to be for mens pants these days.I find it challenging for most of my shirts to stay tucked because of the low rise of most of my pants. It's really annoying.
Are those new? If so I think they will probably stretch out a bit with some wear. I think they look great. It's a personal gripe of mine how almost all brands make all their pants so low rise.
Who is this emoji and what does it mean?
I thought this might make an interesting thread. I think we have certain styles we can classify ourselves as that we tend to abide by. So briefly state your self proclaimed personal style. After that tell us the one, or many articles of clothing that you refuse to give up even though it doesn't fit that style? I personally wear almost completely what would be considered "preppy" or "traditional" clothing. Maybe a little "Mod" since I lean towards slim cuts and a lot of...
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