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I'm not familiar with Freewheelers, but I think the price is more justified with Mr. Freedom in terms of the quality and labor that went into making a piece. Not necessarily about which is the cheapest. I think that was his point.I don't think the construction of RRL is any better than POLO or Rugby. (Excluding suits or some limited edition pieces) I bet they're all made in the same factory in China on the same machines. I've had buttons comes come off and seems come...
Oh man, loving the latest iteration of the "Clyde" trousers. Looks like a combination of the best aspects of the Clyde and Officer Chinos IMO. These are definitely too heavy to be warn in the summertime right? Also, this might be an odd question but are the suspender rivets flat enough that these can be worn comfortably with a belt? I used to have some RRL denim with suspender rivets and I could feel them poking my waist when I had a belt on.
What do you guys think of this shirt from F/W? I like brands like Kapital and RRL for their patchwork style pieces. I can't decide if the colors and prints clash a little bit too much on this shirt though.
No, it reminded me of a shirt RRL enthusiast Julien Landa fashioned recently.http://julienlanda.tumblr.com/And no that wasn't helpful. I was asking about the sizing.Stay classy.
Thanks! Super helpful as usual.
Hi, selling this GBV x OC shirt in size XS. Brand new with tag. Message me if you have any questions. Measurements: Pit to pit 18.5" Front length 25.5" Back length 31.5"
Has anyone noted this RL piece yet? Looks very RRL. The description reads relaxed fit, does this mean it will be huge compared to usual RRL or "custom fit" shirts? *I just noticed they dropped the use of "custom fit" for their shirts. It's now "standard" and "slim".
IME, fast if you pay for your own shipping, extremely slow with the prepaid label.
Just got it today. Great deal on a great shirt! It seems to be a medium weight chambray. I used to own a heavier one and it doesn't seem quite like other lightweight shirts I've handled. I wish the club collar was smaller/cuter but I'm still happy with it. I wonder why it has the 14.5" tagged sizing instead of small.
I thought the S/S shirts were roomier then F/W with Gitman and a lot of other brands. Then recently I got an OC x Gitman that seemed to fit a size smaller even though it was a summer item. Wish the sizing was consistent year round and for collaborations. I wonder why they do this. So many people here have complained in this thread about the sizing fluctuations, we should all write to Gitman and maybe they'll make note if there is enough outcry.
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