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Fashion designers copy everything. One could say the RRL officer chino is a "rip-off" of a real US military chinos. Military garments are far from the most unique design inspiration.Buzz RicksonMister FreedomMotoLevi's VintageThese aren't specifically cited as military chinos but the specs are the same:Blue in GreenEpauletI actually like that these higher end pants are not so niche anymore.
Hi, selling these RL double monks to make some room in my closet. Excellent used condition. Sized 8.5 but could pass for a 9. Measures 11.5" in length on the bottom of the shoe. Fellman shoe trees included. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
You can make any shirt fit different ways by wearing different sizes. I think most would consider GBV a slimmer fit than your average shirt.I think anyone unfamiliar with the brand should know it slims in the midsection compared to other shirts with a seem going straight down. That's the taper I was referring to. A taper is a taper regardless if there is flare on the bottom.
The online pics can really differ from the actual product, for better or for worse. It's best to see it in person.I once ordered a sweater that was pictured with leather knot style buttons and it came with horn or wood buttons.
GBV is very slim and tapered, and even slimmer in F/W. Standard Gitmans are huge.
Some nice pics of F/W 2014 shirts and the alternate color-way of the faux patchwork shirt. http://gitmanvintage.tumblr.com/
I would assume there is some crossover with fabrics, probably more-so with oxfords and basics than the loud prints. The fit is way different though.
Heh. Crap buttons on shirts is one of my biggest pet peeves! The shirt I posted above came with lame plastic buttons and I replaced them with metal buttons that I painted with enamel paint. I like how the paint is slowly chipping away.
Hi, selling these frames because I bought a new pair. These are very similar in style/shape to the current "Sir O'Malley" frames. Excellent/minty condition. Originally paid over $500 for this set when it came out. The flip clip is Oliver Peoples and not a third party clip. Made in Japan. These have a light prescription so you will likely have to replace the lenses to your strength. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
Thanks for the great info folks. Probably won't replace my RRL since I like it and there's not much difference. Maybe I'll get a short sleeve version.
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