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Honestly I would love to own that jacket too.It pains me to hear that it might go to a tailor.If it ain't broke don't fix it!Did you consider if you have a little room you can use that space for layering?And as mentioned before, please post pics!
Price drop!
I want to know who buys these extravagant pieces when they first come out so they always sell out.
They are overpriced for the quality but if you can get them for a cheap price they're a decent off the rack suit on a low budget. Won't have details of a quality made suit though.
I've found the only difference to be in length in my experience. I'm borderline between Regular and Short and I find the short more flattering.
Prices are all over the place but as previously mentioned there are deals to be had. The problem is buyers over seas are willing to pay full MSRP or more sometimes where RRL is hard to come by or more expensive.
Wallace & Barnes Slim Grey Selvedge Jean brand new with tags. Raw denim made in USA. Style number C9376 $248 MSRP Size 30/30. Measurements: (B.I.G. Method) 16" Across waist (Has some stretch too.) 10 1/2" Front rise 14" Back rise 30 1/4" Inseam 11" Upper thigh 8" Knee 7" Leg opening Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! "PRODUCT DETAILS All of our Wallace & Barnes denim is made the way you'd hope—using only the finest fabrics in the world and constructed here...
Patchwork style sock purchased from J Crew in NYC. I can't remember which brand these were in collaboration with. Very similar to patchwork socks from brands like Kapital or R by 45rpm which run $50-75 a pair. One size fits most. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
I can't remember exactly. I know it was around $100-$150.
Price drop!
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