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This was probably inevitable, J Crew has started carrying GBV.
I take it you guys aren't familiar with @thatjcrewginghamshirt Haha.Though this sale item caught my eye too and it looks like a nicer fabric than the one J Crew peddles endlessly.
Impromptu photo of my RRL raw clyde chinos post-repair. Huge shout out to Denim Surgeon in NYC. They did an outstanding job fixing these. Had a huge crotch blow out with 5" hole and very frayed edges. No visible fraying and they added a patch that matches the color of the inner pockets and detailing. I should also note they're noble act of working on my dirty musty chinos I've owned since Jan 2015 with no wash. That bright spot on my thigh is from a bloodstain...
Brand new with tags. $69.50 MSRP Lighter weight fabric than the Stanton chino. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking! Measurements: (B.I.G. Method) 16" Across waist 9 1/4" Front rise 15 3/4" Back rise 9" Inseam 10 3/4" Upper thigh 10 1/4" Knee/Leg opening
I find them to be modern and dated looking at the same time. Perhaps this is due to only seeing them on 6 ft tall wafer models slimming them down though. I love RRL suits but I can't get over the huge lapels most of their suits and some of their stand alone blazers seem to have.
Brand new with tag silk bowtie from Brooks Brothers. Regimental stripe pattern with alternating navy blue and yellow stripes. Beautiful and high quality. $59.50 MSRP. Fabric woven in England. Made in USA. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
Brand new with tag black bowtie from Brooks Brothers. Beautiful and high quality 100% silk. $60.00 MSRP. Made in USA. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
Brand new with tags. Navy and Yellow Stripe Solid Black *Sold* Reversible Navy/Red Stripe/Blue with Red Polka Dot. $60-$70 MSRP 100% Silk. MOP Buttons on the reversible tie. Price each shipped CONUS.
Price drop!
Price drop!
New Posts  All Forums: