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I did some home surgery by opening the metal clasp with a knife. Hammered the claps on the leather and applied some krazy glue. We'll see how well it holds.
I was on my way to work and this happens. I tied it in a knot as a temporary solution. Any tips on how I could fix this? I'm sure I'll just have to replace it with a generic leather loop. I'm afraid if I open up the clip I'll deform it and I'll be unable to make it clasp around the leather properly. Disappointed once again with RRL quality.
Price drop!
Hi, brand new with tags herringbone tie. Tag is marked so I can't return it. Price shipped CONUS. https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/tiesandpocketsquares/ties/PRDOVR~B1842/B1842.jsp Sometimes you want to wear a tie even when you don't have to. This one sports a classic pattern that's been a wardrobe staple for generations, updated with flecks of color (so it's great for guys who shy away from too much color). Fun fact: It's hand-finished in NYC's Long Island City. 2...
Price drop!
That is a bad-ass jacket. I'm not sure I could pull it off. It reminds me of a jacket worn by a character in the movie "M" who was kind of a metaphor for fascism.
Thanks man! I do a lot of minor customizations like that to my clothes.
Fashion designers copy everything. One could say the RRL officer chino is a "rip-off" of a real US military chinos. Military garments are far from the most unique design inspiration.Buzz RicksonMister FreedomMotoLevi's VintageThese aren't specifically cited as military chinos but the specs are the same:Blue in GreenEpauletI actually like that these higher end pants are not so niche anymore.
Hi, selling these RL double monks to make some room in my closet. Excellent used condition. Sized 8.5 but could pass for a 9. Measures 11.5" in length on the bottom of the shoe. Fellman shoe trees included. Price shipped CONUS. Thanks for looking!
You can make any shirt fit different ways by wearing different sizes. I think most would consider GBV a slimmer fit than your average shirt.I think anyone unfamiliar with the brand should know it slims in the midsection compared to other shirts with a seem going straight down. That's the taper I was referring to. A taper is a taper regardless if there is flare on the bottom.
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