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The stitching on the straps, and the way the back panel connects to the side at the ankle are different though. It also seems like one is made from a slightly stiffer material, so maybe one is nubuck whereas the other is regular cow's leather.
How many people have died waiting for their jacket? Must be at least one, right?
I like the outfit as it is, but it's an untucking of the jumper and chunkier shoes away from being stunning.
From whom? What are you talking about?
Price includes shipping from The Netherlands. Measurements - the waist is adjustable with a drawstring, fits pretty much everyone Waist: 40". Rise: (back) 18". Inseam: 32". Total Length: 42".
Anyone here interested in buying these from me?
BLESS NO.37 'NEW SHEHEIT' MEDIUM GREY HOODJACKET. Beautiful and rare piece from their FW09 collection "New Sheheit". Crafted from a heavy medium-gray 100% wool. Details include 100% wool ribbing, full lining with text print, hidden placket button closure, interior pocket, and the signature hood characteristic of similar pieces. Size M, will fit a true 44/46 (XS/S). Made in Italy. 320 + shipping All measurements taken while fully buttoned, laid flat: Shoulder (front):...
No, not at all. They've always been very nice to me, even the times I went in looking dirt poor.also, one the coolest knits I've seen, I wish I had had the money to buy it last year
that pic pic totally makes me want to order brown goat, but i've already put an order in for black lamb. can i still switch?
Did anyone here buy that? That thing's vicuna, damn.
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