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This seems quite large for a 40R. Does anyone know how this would fit compared to a 40R from Brooks Brothers?
How does this fit? It it true to size?
This is beautiful
It really baffles me how a tailor can wake up in the morning, go to work, charge a customer outrageous prices, and then later turn the customer away. Some people have absolutely no idea how to run a business. OP, I would recommend going to Magic Tailor at Yonge and Queen. They are cheap (by Toronto standards) and do a good job.
@mortgagebank - I saw that Cantarelli on YOOX earlier. My only hesitation is that the colour is listed as light grey. I have had bad experiences in the past ordering from YOOX and receiving something with a different colour than shown in the photos. @kaiser - that is a steal. I think I will hold out for a little while longer in the hope that something better comes along. How often does the 75% off sale occur? I notice it is on right now.
This ulster coat by Canali is also great. One size too small unfortunately.
Damn that is nice. Although a bit too much colour for me also. I am still checking ebay on the daily for a blue label DB camel coat. There is a gorgeous coat from Sartoria Partenopea available - I am not sure why I haven't bought it.
Okay. I think you just solved my problem. Hopefully I don't have to wait long for one to appear. There seem to be a lot of single breasted coats at a good price but last time I checked none were double breasted. Apparently the polo blue label camel coats are of better quality than those sold by Brooks Brothers.
Was the polo coat that you purchased on ebay double breasted? I have seen some great deals but never on a double breasted polo/camel coat. Also, sorry for completely hijacking this thread.
Not sure if bespoke is possible at that price point...it probably isn't. I have been eyeing that stile Latino jacket for months. Part of me wants to buy it and take it to a re weaver, but it just seems way too risky.
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