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Would buy these instantly if they were of luck!
I actually just went and checked. All three have less padding than the Ermenegildo Zegna and the Coppley that I own. One Sartorio has some padding, the other has close to nothing; I couldn't find any tags that would indicate any difference in model type. The Stile Latino is somewhere in the middle, but closer to the more heavily (relatively speaking) padded Sartorio. None are close to unstructured like my L.B.M. 1911s or Cantarelli sport coats, although the less structured...
For posterity, and to add to the limited conversation, I have two suits by Sartorio and one suit by Stile Latino. I've been wearing all three on a weekly basis, plus a mainline Zegna, for a year and a half, so I feel qualified to comment. I think the Stile Latino is noticeably better than the two Sartorio suits. The shoulders are a bit softer, there is a bit more handwork, the lapels are a bit wider, and the fabric is of much better quality. I also happen to like the fact...
This seems quite large for a 40R. Does anyone know how this would fit compared to a 40R from Brooks Brothers?
How does this fit? It it true to size?
This is beautiful
It really baffles me how a tailor can wake up in the morning, go to work, charge a customer outrageous prices, and then later turn the customer away. Some people have absolutely no idea how to run a business. OP, I would recommend going to Magic Tailor at Yonge and Queen. They are cheap (by Toronto standards) and do a good job.
@mortgagebank - I saw that Cantarelli on YOOX earlier. My only hesitation is that the colour is listed as light grey. I have had bad experiences in the past ordering from YOOX and receiving something with a different colour than shown in the photos. @kaiser - that is a steal. I think I will hold out for a little while longer in the hope that something better comes along. How often does the 75% off sale occur? I notice it is on right now.
This ulster coat by Canali is also great. One size too small unfortunately.
Damn that is nice. Although a bit too much colour for me also. I am still checking ebay on the daily for a blue label DB camel coat. There is a gorgeous coat from Sartoria Partenopea available - I am not sure why I haven't bought it.
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