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Damnit. Gorgeous jackets and great fabrics - just a size too small unfortunately.
Thanks for fixing the link. This next one is just for you. It's called Ode to Clarissa and it's about a girl named Michelle. Easily my favourite intro ever.
Not for the faint of heart:
My wallet is thanking me that the extra small is sold out.
On a more relevant note, I just got 20% off my purchase. Here is the code and description: Code: SHOPSTYLE20 Description: YOOX: Shop Now and Take 10% Off Your Purchase of $250+, 15% Off Your Purchase of $400+ or 20% Off Your Purchase of $600+. Exclusions May Apply, See Merchant for Details. Hurry, Offer Ends 5/17/14.
Maybe it is a penis warmer?
15% would probably do it for me also (in conjunction with my fat wallet 5% discount). It looks like someone bought the Sartorio suit in my dreambox, and I am starting to worry about the fate of my other goodies.
I wonder when we will get new markdowns. I am itching to pull the trigger on about 10 items.
I agree with the above. I think the sleeve length is definitely acceptable, however my personal preference would be to have the sleeves 1/4" longer. Nice outfit btw.
At one point in my life I want to book a fishing trip with him. But at the same time, I don't want him to know that I booked a trip with him due to my love of Ween. I mean, I don't want to seem like a psycho. Until then - rock on (and pay attention to the lyrics):
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