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The SuitSupply-Love continues. This Werk I bought my 18th Sienna.
@joshgustin, could you please declare the value of the Jeans for international shipping on the outside of the package? Or add a receipt/invoice on the outside? Otherwise customs take way longer to process the shipment. Thanks.
Yeah, their shipping dpt. sucks. I received the replacement of my suit up shirt this week - guess what: a pull in the fabric right on the breast.With SuitSupply brick & mortar is the way to go.
Good choice. In my opinion, it is the most versatile of all their suits. I really like it./Even though some might hate the hacking pockets and/or ticket pocket.
They sell the tuxedo-trousers separately. Productcode "B1109".
Timotune, do you have the productcode for the jacket?
The quarters are not open enough. And the sleeves seem to be off.
Shall I keep them?
No. Is that a level surface? The gap under the left heel is pretty bad.
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